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Birmingham school smears shows the government are the real plotters—not Muslims

29 July 2014
The Trojan Horse hoax in Birmingham subjected Muslims to a racist witch hunt—and the recent report is full of contradictions

A warning from Birmingham - Muslims speak out against racist witch hunt in schools

17 June 2014
Could the ‘Trojan Horse’ witch hunt be just the start of a new period of worsening racism in our schools? Muslim parents, teachers and governors talked to Adam Cochrane and Sadie Robinson about why they are angry—and afraid

Jeremy Scahill talks about his film Dirty Wars: finding the names and faces of the West's victims

03 December 2013
Investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill set out to put names, faces and stories to the victims of the Western military in his new film Dirty Wars. He spoke to Judith Orr about his journey to expose the slaughter of the “war on terror”

New fears of racist terror after bomb set off in Walsall mosque

25 June 2013
A homemade bomb went off outside the Aisha Mosque and Islamic Centre in Walsall in the West Midlands on Friday of last week.

Together we can challenge the bigots

28 May 2013
The hypocrisy of the ruling class knows no bounds—especially when it comes to justifying violence.

We need more than brave individuals to beat the Nazis

07 May 2013
Thousands of supporters of the racist English Defence League (EDL) rallied in Dewsbury, in Yorkshire, last June yelling abuse and threatening local Asian people. 

Confusion in Boston as bombing suspects shot

23 April 2013
The police manhunt for the people who planted the Boston bombs targeted two brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. 

News round-up

17 July 2012
Police invent terror evidence West Midlands Police have been caught making up evidence to detain a Muslim student under the Terrorism Act.

Six arrested under Terrorism Act

17 July 2012
West Midlands Police have charged six men under the Terrorism Act 2006 for an alleged plot to attack an English Defence League (EDL) demonstration in Dewsbury last month.

Talha Ahsan extradition threat: 'It's reprehensible to detain someone without trial for so long'

29 May 2012
Talha Ahsan was arrested in 2006, so he could be extradited to the US to face terrorism related charges.

Court rules that nightmare must go on for Babar Ahmad in US extradition case

10 April 2012
The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday of this week that British terrorism suspects wanted by the US can be extradited there.

Quotes of the week

06 December 2011
‘An institution that confuses active citizens with criminals and equates Al Qaida with efforts to reimagine the City is an institution in grave danger of losing its way’Statement by Occupy London after police briefed against them in a "terrorism update".

Mike Davis: 9/11- the embers of September

06 September 2011
Ten years ago, lower Manhattan became the Sarajevo of the "war on terrorism". Although conscience recoils against making an equation between the assassination of a single Archduke and his wife (28 June 1914) and the slaughter of almost 3,000 New Yorkers, the analogy otherwise is eerily apt.

Documents reveal how Britain backed Loyalist terror in Northern Ireland

09 August 2011
The British government and army covered up state sponsored right wing terrorism for over 35 years.

How right wing think-tanks push Islam fear

02 August 2011
A new report describes how two of Britain’s most influential right wing think‑tanks have used the fear of terrorism and of Islam to push an authoritarian agenda.

Muslims boycott Glasgow airport

19 July 2011
Muslims are boycotting Glasgow airport in protest at harassment by counter-terrorism officers.

Tory ‘Prevent’ strategy stokes Islamophobia

14 June 2011
The Tories have released a new version of the Prevent strategy—supposedly designed to tackle "terrorism" and "extremism."

Syria: a rogue state in the back pocket of the Western powers

14 June 2011
According to the West, Syria is a "rogue" state that has interests in developing weapons of mass destruction and supports terrorism.

Cleaners not guilty of terror

17 May 2011
Six Westminster street cleaners arrested on terrorism charges during the visit of Pope Benedict to Britain last September have been cleared.

Terrorism cannot rid the world of oppression and injustice

03 May 2011
The killing of Bin Laden will not stop terrorism any more than the preceding ten years of the "war on terror" did. It may even increase it.

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