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Tony Benn

Blair on the ropes over attacks on comprehensive education

28 January 2006
The opposition to Tony Blair’s education plan is growing. Last week a crammed meeting saw Tony Benn and Alastair Campbell in the audience as activists Fiona Miller and Melissa Benn launched their new pamphlet defending comprehensive education.

Tony Benn — more reasons to march

10 September 2005
With hurricane Katrina, class and race divisions have surfaced in the US for everyone to see. Socialists have known about these for some time, but for many others it was a clear expression of what US capitalism has done to black people and the poor.

ID cards: No to Labour’s ‘plastic poll tax’

09 July 2005
Over 300 people attended the "Even Bigger Brother" rally against ID cards on Wednesday of last week in London. Speakers included Tony Benn, Respect MP George Galloway and Shami Chakrabarti, the director of civil liberties organisation Liberty.

Marxism 2005 under way

09 July 2005
By 10am Friday morning 1,000 people had defied all obstacles to come to the delayed opening rally of Marxism 2005. After a minute's silence for all those killed in the London bombings and in occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, they heard powerful and moving speeches from veteran socialist Tony Benn, Stop the War Coalition convenor Lindsey German, Respect MP George Galloway and Portuguese Left Bloc MP, Ana Drago.

Palestine solidarity campaign AGM

05 March 2005
SOME 185 people came to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign annual general meeting in central London last Saturday. Speakers included Jeremy Corbyn MP and Tony Benn. Basim Sbaih from the Palestinian Political Prisoners Society spoke about the Israeli tactics of collective punishments and sieges, and the limits of Israel’s release of prisoners.

Tony Benn reviews Paul Foot's 'The Vote'

26 February 2005
Tony Benn reviews Paul Foot’s last book, The Vote: How It Was Won and How It Was Undermined.

Recommendations from Bookmarks, the socialist bookshop

26 February 2005
To mark the publication of The Vote: How It Was Won and How It Was Undermined by Paul Foot, Bookmarks and Penguin are holding an evening of discussion with Tony Benn, Lindsey German and Michael Rosen in the Council Chamber, TUC Congress House, Gt Russell Street, London WC1, Tue 1 Mar, 7.30 for 8pm (Tickets £2.50 from Bookmarks). Order The Vote now from Bookmarks at the special reduced price of £20 (normally £25). Add £3 postage and packing.

Tony Benn says make war the central election issue

19 February 2005
"ALL OUT for the 19 March demonstration," was the message of a successful fourth annual conference held by the Stop the War Coalition on Saturday of last week. Coalition president Tony Benn opened the 400-strong delegate conference. "We must make the war the central issue in the coming general election," he said.

New audience for the movement

29 January 2005
Tony Benn led the line-up of speakers at a meeting packed with over 400 students hosted by the Goldsmiths College Student Union Peace Campaign, and the Islamic Society last week. Also speaking at the south London university were Lindsey German of the Stop the War Coalition, Pat Arrowsmith from CND and Azzam Tamimi of the Muslim Association of Britain.

Iraq—bring the troops home public meetings

25 September 2004
Birmingham: with Tony Benn, Salma Yaqoob (Birmingham Stop the War Coalition), George Monbiot (campaigner and writer) and John Rees (Stop the War Coalition), 7.30pm, Friday 24 September, Irish Centre, 14-20 High Street, Digbeth (near Digbeth coach station).

Tony Benn speaks on the issues the Hutton inquiry avoids

06 September 2003
"The lie that led us to war is not really about the so called sexing up of the dossier. The prime minister’s lie was that he took us to war because he thought there were weapons of mass destruction. In truth he took us to war because President Bush told him to take us to war."

Discussion rages at political day school

28 June 2003
THE RMT London Region held its first political day school last Thursday. About 70 people took part in debates and discussions on issues from the war to our links with Labour. Tony Benn and Lindsey German from the Stop the War Coalition kicked the day off with a history of the labour movement.


10 May 2003
AROUND 200 people attended the first Greenwich Stop the War Coalition meeting in south east London on Tuesday of last week. Speakers included Tony Benn, Dr Siddiqui of the Muslim Parliament and Lindsey German. Laura Nolan

Signing against hysteria

15 March 2003
HUNDREDS OF people have so far signed the Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers (CDAS) open letter condemning racist hysteria in the press and politicians who encourage it. The signatories include Tony Benn, MPs Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, Labour Party NEC member Christine Shawcroft and Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui of the Muslim Parliament.

Freedom, struggle and constraint

12 October 2002
TONY BENN'S political journey has been one of the most remarkable in the history of the British labour movement. Many figures have started out on the left, only to become dedicated defenders of capitalism by the time they have reached middle age.

Rally speakers

05 October 2002
"WE REPRESENT the overwhelming majority round the world. We are not a "protest movement". It may be that Bush will go to war in a matter of weeks. It may be that prime minister Blair will send troops into battle. But nothing can take the British people into a war they don't accept and don't want. If the war begins it is our plain duty to take time out at once to see everybody understands what has happened, and mobilise against the war. There is a good chance of stopping Britain going to war if we carry on organising in this brilliant way." Tony Benn

Can the left reclaim the Labour Party?

03 August 2002
SIX MONTHS ago left wingers like Tony Benn and Jeremy Corbyn MP looked very lonely figures in the Labour Party. They were barely tolerated by the leadership as quaint reminders of a long-gone era when people thought capitalism could actually be done away with and privatisation was a swear word.

'We're standing up for refugees'

15 June 2002
"SOME people coming to Britain are denounced as economic migrants, yet economic migrants from all over the world are encouraged to be doctors and nurses to fill the gaps." So says former Labour MP TONY BENN.

'Turn May Day into our day' – unite resistance to privatisation and war

13 April 2002
A call has gone out to trade unionists to "Make May Day our day". The appeal is from former Labour MP Tony Benn, and Mark Serwotka, general secretary elect of the PCS civil servants' union. It slams New Labour's privatisation plans and anti trade union laws. It also points out how the government's war plans against Iraq are opposed by the majority of the population.

Tony Benn interview: 'Every train is a moving public meeting'

23 March 2002
How significant do you think the Stop the War Coalition demo at the beginning of March was? THE DEMO last November was very big-about 100,000-and that was when the war in Afghanistan was just beginning. Then, inevitably, the war was presented as a military victory. Now people are just waking up to the fact that there is another, bigger war on the way. So to get 20,000 out in March was very, very good.

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