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CWU conference — crunch point coming on post privatisation pay and sell-off

25 June 2005
The debates over the CWU postal and telecom union’s relations with the Labour Party continued to run throughout its conference last week.

Defend Sefton activists

25 June 2005
Two Unison union activists who have been suspended for opposing council house privatisation in Sefton on Merseyside spoke out at the launch of the MPs’ report and made an appeal for solidarity from other trade unionists.

Fighting to keep a roof over our heads

18 June 2005
One million children in Britain live in poor quality housing. Council house building has practically ceased and millions of people are too poor to buy a home. Millions more live in fear of a rise in interest rates that will make their mortgage unpayable. New Labour has no solution to the crisis except sell-offs and privatisation. But past struggles show how we can fight back.

Sefton: a key battle against victimisation

11 June 2005
WORKERS AT Sefton council on Merseyside have voted to ballot for industrial action over the victimisation of two union officials and four shop stewards for opposing privatisation of council housing.

Mass arrests as military cracks down on Pakistani telecom workers anti-privatisation struggle

11 June 2005
In a military crackdown hundreds of Pakistan Telecom Corp Limited (PTCL) workers have been arrested across the country. According to the PTCL Workers Action Committee, 1,500 have been arrested since Saturday 11 June, when the government announced that the telecom sell off will start on 18 June.

'Non' to Blairism — France's vote was a victory for the left

04 June 2005
Working people in France have delivered a defiant no to privatisation, neo-liberalism and Blairite policies across Europe.

Strike against telecom privatisation in Pakistan

04 June 2005
A massive strike by telecom workers in Pakistan is threatening to derail the government’s privatisation programme which would cut up to 4.2 million phone lines. Over the last two weeks over 55,000 workers at the Pakistan Telecom Company Limited (PTCL) have been involved in strike action. The government’s first response was to postpone the privatisation in the hope of demobilising the workers, and then to announce that privatisation was back on. At the time of writing, the unions had just announced the resumption of the strike.

Sefton council attack on union after betrayal over housing

28 May 2005
Sefton Council in Merseyside has suspended two full time union officials and four shop stewards for opposing the privatisation of council housing.

Lights, camera, industrial action as staff walk out at BBC

21 May 2005
Unions at the BBC have announced four days of joint strike action against 3,800 job cuts and the programme of privatisation announced by director-general Mark Thompson.

Postal workers demand action over privatisation

21 May 2005
Postal workers have demanded tough action from their CWU union leaders in response to signs that the government and bosses at Royal Mail may be taking giant strides towards privatisation of the post.

Blair restarts his war at home

21 May 2005
Despite Tony Blair’s reduced majority, ministers seem determined to step up the pace of "modernising" reforms in the NHS — with wholesale privatisation of healthcare and wider "freedoms" for foundation hospitals.

Privatisation plan for the Royal Mail on the agenda

14 May 2005
Tony Blair took some big hits at the election, but that has not halted his mission to be "unremittingly New Labour" in the third term.

RMT takes on fight over rail privatisation

05 May 2005
The march organised by the RMT rail union from Glasgow to London demanding the renationalisation of the industry reached the capital last Saturday.

Rail Against Privatisation march

23 April 2005
The RMT rail workers’ union launched its Rail Against Privatisation march in Glasgow last Saturday.

Coming events

23 April 2005
Friday 15-30 AprilRMT Rail Against Privatisation march from Glasgow to London. London rally Saturday 30 April. For details go to <a href="" target = "_blank"></a>

Repression used to enforce free market economics in Egypt

16 April 2005
Egypt was the very first Third World state to embark on wholesale policies of privatisation.

Rail workers round-up

16 April 2005
The long march begins This Saturday sees the start of the RMT transport union’s mobile demonstration and campaign against the privatisation of our railways. It will visit 15 British cities, for meetings and events.

Aid money flows to the water privateers

02 April 2005
The British government is using international aid money to promote the privatisation of water and sanitation services across the world.

Ukraine’s oranges turn bad

19 March 2005
The revolution has been privatised. Although the upheaval in Ukraine was driven by disgust at the authoritarianism and corruption of Leonid Kuchma’s regime, those who assumed leadership have very quietly, but very rapidly, embarked on an agenda of International Monetary Fund (IMF) restructuring and privatisation.

It’s our party — make it yours...

19 March 2005
Build the movement Whether in opposition to war, racism or privatisation, we have thrown ourselves into building the biggest mobilisations possible. The last few years have shown how the actions of ordinary people through strikes, protests and everyday resistance provide hope for transforming our world. We believe the greater this movement, the greater the chance of putting an end to the global dominance of capitalism and war.

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