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Energy workers in their thousands take to the streets against privatisation

18 December 2004
TWO PROTESTS in Pakistan have shown growing opposition to the privatisation policies of General Musharraf’s military regime.

Help free Matthews Ndlovu

18 December 2004
MATTHEWS NDLOVU, a South African activist fighting against privatisation, has been sentenced to two years in jail for "malicious damage to property".

City Academies

11 December 2004
PARENTS AND pupils were on their way to a protest against the privatisation of their east London school under the government’s city academies’ scheme when they discovered the main sponsor was pulling out.

Calls for strike ballot over school privatisation plan

20 November 2004
MEMBERS OF all the unions at Glenbrook Primary School in Lambeth, south London, have voted unanimously for a ballot for strike action against plans to turn it into a city academy for five to 19 year olds.

Hamlets for decent housing

13 October 2004
TOWER HAMLETS Respect activists have shown their support for direct investment in council housing, and their opposition to privatisation and stock transfer housing schemes.


09 October 2004
MPs IN the House of Commons council housing group have called for a moratorium on local authorities pushing ahead with privatisation of council housing.

Cuts, privatisation and anti-union laws—the Liberal Democrat way

02 October 2004
IN POWER the Lib Dems live up to their talk of "tough liberalism" and "the supremacy of the free market".

Leaders face echo of anger

02 October 2004
THE Tenants’ fight to stop council housing privatisation was carried to the centre of the political agenda at Labour’s national conference.

'Blair wants to dump us on the scrapheap'

18 September 2004
MORE PRIVATISATION and further attacks on working people are what lie in store from a third term Labour government.

New Labour plans to phone its friends

11 September 2004
IF YOU love big business and privatisation, New Labour’s forthcoming party conference in Brighton is the place for you.

The corporate greed behind the superbugs

07 August 2004
PILES OF rubbish, blood and vomit left on floors, filthy wards—that is the legacy of privatisation in Britain’s hospitals.

Minister’s shocking revelations

31 July 2004
TWO MONTHS ago Tory-controlled Taunton Deane Borough Council met and voted to pursue a costly consultation over housing stock transfer (privatisation).


31 July 2004
WORKERS IN BBC Technology were set to strike this week in protest at privatisation.

84 percent for action at BBC

17 July 2004
MEMBERS OF the Bectu broadcasting union at the BBC have voted overwhelmingly for strikes against the privatisation of the corporation’s information technology operation, BBC Technology.

Haringey council running scared as tenants turn down private options

17 July 2004
HARINGEY COUNCIL in north London got a shock from the results of its roadshow to promote housing privatisation.

‘The government plans are a Trojan horse for privatisation in the NHS’

10 July 2004
WHEN PATIENTS come to me, the one thing they want is to get better.

Any choice, as long as it's privatisation

03 July 2004
NOWHERE IS New Labour’s hypocrisy over "choice" in public services clearer than over housing.

Government ministers thrown onto back foot

26 June 2004
CAMPAIGNERS against council house privatisation were cheered to see New Labour forced into another U-turn last week. The government has pledged to get all council homes to a decent standard by 2010.

Victory against housing sell-offs

27 May 2004
COUNCIL TENANTS in Kingston in south west London have voted against the sell-off of their homes. In another blow to the government's attempts to blackmail tenants to accept privatisation as the only way of getting improvements, 63 percent of tenants voted against the sell-off on a 65 percent turnout.

Respect mayoral candidate Lindsey German: 'my vision for London'

01 May 2004
What we need in London is a voice for all the people who feel that we need fundamental change in the way the city operates. These people feel there is something wrong with a society which sees its priorities as spending money on war and privatisation rather than helping the poorest people and public services.

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