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18 June 2005
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11 June 2005
Monday 20-26 JuneRefugee Week.<a href="" target = "_blank"></a>

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04 June 2005
Monday 20-26 JuneRefugee Week.<a href="" target = "_blank"></a>

Dritan Dauti must stay

14 May 2005
In 1999, when Dritan Dauti was 14, Serbian soldiers destroyed his village in Kosovo. He was separated from his family and, after living in a refugee camp in Macedonia, he managed to get to England where he was put in the care of his brother.

Defend Asylum Seekers

26 March 2005
Some 30 supporters of Bristol Defend Asylum Seekers Campaign, Student Action for Refugees, Respect, Bristol NUT teachers’ union branch and other organisations protested outside Downing Street on Monday.

Reports in brief

19 March 2005
Protesters put GSL in the dock Asylum rights campaigners in Manchester protested outside the immigration office in the city last week to highlight the mistreatment of refugees by private contractor GSL.

Another bogus health and immigration story from the Daily Mail

26 February 2005
Last week the Daily Mail splashed the headline "Our NHS, Not the World Health Service" across its front page. It was the latest attempt by the Tories and the right wing press to whip up a panic over refugees.

Zimbabwean refugee says 'Join my fight for justice'

19 February 2005
IT IS obviously a huge relief to be free, even if there is still a long way to go before I can be secure. It has been a terrifying few weeks. On 14 January I went to the home office reporting centre in Manchester. I was required to go there regularly because my application for asylum had been refused.

Syrian refugees' classmates determined they should stay

12 February 2005
Amnesty International has reported its grave concern that families returning to Syria are being imprisoned, and that children are being tortured in custody.

The cruel reality of anti-refugee policy

05 February 2005
ONE MAN hurled back to civil war and the destruction after the tsunami. Another returned to torture chambers.

Blair sends us back to Mugabe’s torturers

29 January 2005
POLITICIANS OF all parties rushed last year to denounce the brutalities of Robert Mugabe’s regime in Zimbabwe. Now they are united on forcibly deporting Zimbabwean refugees back to torture and possible death.

Competition to be the nastiest to the vulnerable

29 January 2005
MICHAEL HOWARD marked the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by calling for the reintroduction of quotas on refugees—the same policy that denied thousands of Jews refuge from persecution and the death camps.

Defending refugees

29 January 2005
CAMPAIGNERS IN Glasgow last week secured the release of Pastor Mikielokele Daly and his family from Dungeval detention centre, and a judicial review of the whole case. The Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees and the Pentecostal Church of Redemption worked together calling four large demonstrations over the normally quiet Christmas and new year fortnight.

Help create history

29 January 2005
THE PROBLEM of debt repayment is at its most acute in Africa where countries already blighted by war are also forced to spend billions repaying or simply servicing debt. This means that there is no investment in infrastructure, education or health. As a campaigner for refugees in Glasgow I have been working with the African community to stop deportations.

Jewish refugees turned away

29 January 2005
WESTERN governments today often try to justify tightening controls on immigrants and refugees by claiming that their acceptance of escaping Jews in the 1930s shows they have no problem with those "genuinely" seeking asylum.

Refugees welcome

22 January 2005
Working class Glaswegians have responded much more positively to the dispersal of asylum seekers to their city than many media reports have suggested, according to a recent study. The Building Bridges report, by Dr Karen Wren, identifies the voluntary work of local people within community networks as the single most positive aspect where the integration of asylum seekers in Glasgow is concerned.

‘We know that the violence won’t be resolved until the troops leave’

22 January 2005
HARRY COHEN, Labour MP for Leyton and Wanstead, told a Stop the War meeting last week, "15 February contributed to the unravelling of the policies to justify war—19 March can be just as effective." He was speaking at a rally in Waltham Forest, east London, alongside Sami Ramadani, an Iraqi refugee who teaches sociology at London Metropolitan University.

Blunkett’s last victims fighting for justice

08 January 2005
AT THE very moment David Blunkett was tendering his resignation at 10 Downing Street before Christmas, 50 Zimbabwean refugees and their supporters were angrily demonstrating outside.

Rebel voices from Iraq

04 December 2004
The destruction of Fallujah raised many questions for Iraqis—questions voiced by three friends aged 24 to 30. The three men are traders who were trapped in Syria as the US laid siege to Fallujah. The government of Iyad Allawi is refusing to allow men of fighting age to re-enter the country. The three have joined the growing band of Iraqi refugees in Syria.

'Don't come here - die in Darfur'

13 November 2004
THE BRITISH government is turning back refugees from Darfur in Sudan, even though it says that appalling suffering and mass murder are going on in the area.

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