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Hear the voices of Palestinians

02 October 2004
SOME 34 people joined the delegation to Palestine, united around the common theme of action against war and for peace. We came together from mosques, trade unions, universities, schools and the voluntary sector to see the conditions in the Palestinian refugee camps for ourselves.

Refugee protests

28 August 2004
MORE than 150 people marched through Sheffield last Saturday in support of a Kurdish asylum seeker who had been on hunger strike for over 40 days.

Defend asylum seekers

21 August 2004
CAMPAIGNERS are stepping up action to defend Naseh Ghafor, the 20 year old Kurdish refugee who is being threatened with deportation to Iraq.

Defending refugees

14 August 2004
Arshad Suhail Masih is one of the many refugee prisoners held at Dungavel prison near Glasgow.

Close down these ‘torture centres’

07 August 2004
MORE THAN 200 people joined last Sunday’s protest at the Dungavel detention centre in South Lanarkshire, called by the Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees.

Labour policy drives refugees to suicide

31 July 2004
THE TRAGEDY of New Labour’s draconian asylum policy moved north last Friday night, from Harmondsworth to the Dungavel detention centre in Scotland.

Tragedy that should never happen again

24 July 2004
A TRAGEDY at the refugee detention centre in Harmondsworth, near Heathrow airport, sparked protests by inmates this week.

Racism lurks behind election

10 June 2004
Hardly a week passes without racist scare stories in the press directed against refugees and asylum seekers. The racism is not just directed against asylum seekers. Two new reports give damning evidence of the rise in racism against Muslims since 11 September 2001.

Refugee scandal that the tabloids ignore

27 May 2004
A 27 year old man was found dead at his flat in the Dennistoun area of Glasgow on 18 May after apparently committing suicide. He was Zekria Ghulam Mohammed, an Afghan asylum seeker. The papers that are normally so keen to splash pictures of refugees over their pages ignored his death.

Dame Porter gets away with corruption

01 May 2004
A SCROUNGER and a criminal sneaks into another country to escape justice. Doesn't that sound like the sort of case the anti-refugee press love to splash on the front page? Except it is the Tory Dame Shirley Porter, heiress to the Tesco empire. Porter was the leader of the Tories' flagship Westminster council in the 1980s. Porter, along with nine other councillors, was found guilty of selling off council houses in marginal wards to potential Tory voters. The scheme cost £42 million. She was supposed to pay every penny of that back.

Israel: a state based on violence from its birth

03 April 2004
In 1987 an Israeli historian called Benny Morris published a book, The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem. It caused a sensation at the time. Using official Israeli military archives, it confirmed the Palestinian case that the foundation of the Israeli state in 1948 had depended upon armed terror-resulting in the forcible "transfer", or expulsion, of three quarters of a million Palestinian Arabs. This was something that the Zionists - the ideologues who advocate an exclusively Jewish state in Palestine - had always denied.

Labour's scapegoating feeds the right wing

03 April 2004
NEW LABOUR ministers have poured fuel on the fire of racism with their lies about asylum seekers. They branded refugees and migrant workers a "problem" and a "drain on resources". It should come as no surprise to them when they get their fingers burnt. The Tories and right wing press have gleefully seized on the issue of asylum to attack New Labour, calling for immigration minister Beverley Hughes to resign.

Refugee protest

27 March 2004
AFTER 28 days on hunger strike, and at the urging of their friends and supporters, the "Glasgow Three", Faroq Haidari, Fariborz Gravindi and Mokhtar Haydary, have ended their hunger strike. The three, Kurdish refugees from Iran, have been heartened by the growing support for their fight against deportation from across Scotland and beyond. They were also strengthened by a protest in their support at the Scottish Parliament last week.

Shielding refugees

06 March 2004
Some 100 people in South Shields on Tyneside protested outside local Labour MP David Miliband's office on Sunday in support of a Colombian family threatened with deportation.

Dutch protests over plans to deport refugees

28 February 2004
THE RIGHT wing Dutch government plans to deport 26,000 refugees during the next three years. The move is opposed by a majority of people in the Netherlands. A poll showed over 80 percent of people support allowing more refugees to stay. Protests against the government's plan began in the north of the Netherlands, organised by the group Van Harte Pardon (Wholeheartedly Pardon).


31 January 2004
A RECENT report in Socialist Worker (17 January) about the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum included an error in editing. It suggested that Gary Freeman, a member of the forum, is an asylum seeker on £54 per week.

Defending refugees

17 January 2004
AS NEW Labour steps up its attacks on refugees, campaigners have been organising protests.

New asylum plan to rip children from parents

29 November 2003
"LEAVE THE country or I'll snatch your children." That was the threat this week from home secretary David Blunkett to refugees in Britain. He wants to rob parents of their children and their meagre benefits to force refugees out of the country.

Defending refugees

15 November 2003
OVER 100 people joined a protest in Manchester last Saturday against the government's harsh treatment of asylum seekers.


08 November 2003
About 100 people attended a march round Bicester town centre on Saturday after the Bicester Refugee Support Group called a demonstration against racism and fascism. The demonstration was called after the National Front intimidated people not to shop at a French farmers market.

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