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Peru—a radical history of resistance

14 June 2021
Pedro Castillo’s election win in Peru has cheered the left. Sophie Squire looks at the country’s history of struggle but also sounds some warnings for the future

Right wing plots and manoeuvres after left wins Peru’s election

10 June 2021
On Thursday morning Pedro Castillo had received 50.22 percent of the vote and right wing Keiko Fujimori had taken 49.77 percent.

Peruvian elections are a challenge to the elite

08 June 2021
There could be tense battles ahead after the Peruvian presidential election, reports Sophie Squire

New Israeli leadership will continue Palestinian oppression

08 June 2021
Israel could soon have a government led by a prime minister who has insisted Palestinians can never be allowed a state of their own.

Greens gain but are limited

11 May 2021
The Green Party gained more than 80 council seats in England and Wales.

Do the election results mean that class is dead?

11 May 2021
Elections in Britain last week have led to announcements of the death of class and the end of a clear divide between “left and right”.

The Labour left is angry with Starmer, but pushes a failed project of ‘unity’

11 May 2021
Left wing Labour MPs responded to the election results by appealing to Keir Starmer to bring them back into the fold. Meanwhile, Starmer prepared a further shift to the right.

Hartlepool and beyond—what went wrong with Labour’s vote?

10 May 2021
After Labour’s disastrous showing in Hartlepool and in the local elections, Nick Clark asks why so many working class people have turned away from the party

Boris Johnson’s crimes deserve full reckoning

04 May 2021
“These were always going to be difficult elections for us. We’re not expecting miracles on Thursday night.” Those were the words of Labour’s shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy on Sunday—at the end of a week of scandal and crisis for the Tories.

Who should socialists vote for on 6 May?

20 April 2021
For revolutionaries, although elections matter, the battle on the streets and in the workplaces is always more important

Scottish election campaign shows key battles are in the streets

16 April 2021
Political parties in Scotland have resumed campaigning this week. They suspended campaigning for the Scottish parliamentary elections after Prince Philip’s death, a move showing they are as out of touch with ordinary people as Westminster politicians.

Hartlepool–Labour in trouble

10 April 2021
In years gone by the Labour Party could take the votes in the north east of England for granted. But, reports Nick Clark, next month’s Hartlepool by-election could show just how out of touch the party now is with its former heartlands

Salmond’s new party is no alternative to weak SNP strategy

27 March 2021
Former Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond has launched the new Alba Party. It does not deserve support.

International round up: Israel elections demonise Palestinians

23 March 2021
Israel held its fourth election in two years as Socialist Worker went to press. The election was called after a coalition government led by warmonger Binyamin Netanyahu and rival Benny Gantz collapsed.

Dutch elections signal scary shift to the right

22 March 2021
For a fourth time, the conservative People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy have won the national election in Holland.

The election result isn’t all old people’s fault

17 December 2019
Age affected how people voted

Big rallies for Corbyn show a mood for radical ideas

10 December 2019
A mass rally in Bristol showed the potential behind Corbyn’s campaign, despite sneering from sections of the media

Transport round up: Month of South Western strikes to guard safety

12 November 2019
Train guards at South Western Railway (SWR) are gifting 27 days of strikes to train bosses this Christmas.

Europe—the struggle against the right

02 June 2019
Socialists from across Europe on the success of the right—and the tasks for the left

Labour vote gives ammunition to party right wingers who want rid of Corbyn

28 May 2019
The Labour Party did very poorly in the European elections—but not as badly as the Tories. It fell to third place overall, behind the Brexit Party and the Liberal Democrats. In Scotland it fell to fifth place, with less than a 10 percent share of the vote.

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