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A year of elections tests South American governments

02 July 2013
Around 100,000 student protesters disrupted the polls at Chile’s primary elections last week. 

Votes for socialists in the local elections

07 May 2013
Some 120 candidates for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) stood in 117 wards in English and Welsh local elections on 2 May. 

Tories lose out in local elections - resist the racists

04 May 2013
The Tories lost 335 councillors in last Thursday's local elections. It was a dismal showing.

Vote socialist in the elections

30 April 2013
Socialist Worker backed the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in the elections this week.

UCU - vote Liz for a fighting union

15 January 2013
The National Executive and national officer elections in the UCU union are set to open in a few weeks’ time.

Catalan elections show support for independence from Spain

27 November 2012
Elections in Catalonia this week returned a parliament where more than two thirds of MPs want independence from Spain.

Socialists standing in by-elections

13 November 2012
Voters were set to go to the polls this week in the Manchester Central by-election and the election for Bristol mayor. The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is standing candidates in both.

Interview with Gary Younge on the US presidential elections

25 September 2012
Four years ago there was lots of enthusiasm around the US presidential elections. People hoped for change from the Democrats’ Barack Obama. Has there been much change?

Netherlands: all the mainstream parties call for harsh austerity

18 September 2012
The Dutch parliamentary elections on Wednesday have been won by two parties, the neoliberal VVD and the social democratic Labour Party.

Dutch election results won't end deeper political polarisation

14 September 2012
The Dutch parliamentary elections on Wednesday have been won by two parties, the neoliberal VVD and the social democratic Labour Party.

Elections called as Quebec students’ Red Square revolt deepens

14 August 2012
Quebec’s student-led "Red Square" movement, which started in February, has sparked the greatest social unrest seen anywhere in Canada for decades.

Eyewitness from Mexico: Revolt against flawed elections

17 July 2012
For the second time in six years protests have erupted after an election result was seen as deeply flawed. The context is the ruling elites’ response to attempts to challenge them at the ballot box. The old ruling party, the PRI, controlled the Mexican presidency for 70 years.

Protests over Mexico elections

10 July 2012
Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Mexico City last Saturday, saying that the recent presidential election had been rigged.

Civil service round-up

03 July 2012
PCS union to fight in elections Members of the PCS civil service workers’ union have voted overwhelmingly to allow use of the union’s political fund to support anti-cuts candidates in elections.

French Socialists under pressure following their election victory

19 June 2012
France’s Socialist Party won a majority in the 17 June parliamentary elections, its best result since 1981.

Jean-Luc Melenchon: 'Blame the bankers not the migrants'

12 June 2012
In France’s presidential elections in April Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the radical left candidate, waged a dynamic campaign and won around four million votes. But at the same time the fascist Front National (FN) leader Marine Le Pen achieved a record 6.4 million votes.

Egypt: Debates rage on the streets and at the ballot box

12 June 2012
Voters in Egypt face a critical choice in the second round of presidential elections on 16 and 17 June. On the ballot paper will be Ahmed Shafiq, candidate of the army and supporters of Hosni Mubarak’s old regime, and Mohamed Mursi, a leading figure of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Left and right prepare for battle in new Greek elections

05 June 2012
Tensions are growing on the streets of Greece ahead of fresh elections on Sunday.

Revolution continues beyond the poll in Egypt

29 May 2012
When Egypt’s parliamentary elections produced a majority for the Muslim Brotherhood last year, many journalists and academics declared that the revolution was over.

Revolutionary Socialists' statement on Egypt's presidential elections

28 May 2012
The Revolutionary Socialists Movement confirms its opposition on principle to the candidate of the Military Council, the dissolved National Democratic Party and the forces of the counter-revolution, Ahmad Shafiq.

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