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Tories cannot be trusted with Covid-19 vaccines

Tories cannot be trusted with Covid-19 vaccines The government’s repeated Covid-19 failures ¬undermine efforts to contain it—and mean we should not trust the Tories with the hopes for a new vaccine.

Women, the family and the coronavirus crisis

Women, the family and the coronavirus crisis During this period where people’s lives are centred around the home, Sarah Bates looks at capitalism's reliance on the family and women’s domestic labour.

Sexist double standards for women politicans

The New Statesman magazine ran a particularly unenlightened front page last week, even by its standards.

New attacks lie behind Tory talk of protecting 'the family'

New attacks lie behind Tory talk of protecting the family The government’s aim to look at how policy affects the family is pure hypocrisy, writes Sadie Robinson


The truth about child abuse and the family At last! A paper that gets to the real issues about child abuse and dares to discuss the power relationships within society that are reflected in the make-up of the family.

Cameron's media mates charged

Andy Coulson, David Cameron’s former spin doctor, has been charged with illegally paying to get the royal family’s phone numbers.

Send in your tributes, memories and photos of Julie Waterson

18 November 2012
Send in your tributes, memories and photos of Julie Waterson

Obama's re-election: myths and reality

08 November 2012
"We are an American family and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people," said Barack Obama in his victory speech after winning his second term as US president.

The Shining's horror lies in its fractured nuclear family

30 October 2012
The Shining is all about contrasts. It feels like an epic but zooms in on a disintegrating nuclear family. It is about secrets and abuse—but everything happens in plain sight.

Refugee family taken in dawn raid

30 October 2012
There is outrage over the way the UK Border Agency (UKBA) has deported an Egyptian family from Cardiff.

'The Tories axed my job. Now they want to slash our benefits'

30 October 2012
Katrina, a mother of six in Wigan, used to have a job and deftly managed to support her family.

Police must hand over Azelle Rodney footage, judge rules

16 October 2012
A judge has ruled that the police must hand over video footage to the legal team of the family of Azelle Rodney. Azelle was shot by a police officer at point blank range in April 2005.

Vigil for Mikey Powell

18 September 2012
The family of Mikey Powell held a vigil last week outside Thornhill Road police station, Birmingham, where he died in custody in 2003. They were joined by supporters including the families of Anthony Grainger and Kingsley Burrell Brown.

International round-up

28 August 2012
Corrie’s an death ‘accident’, says Israel An Israeli court has ruled that 23 year old activist Rachel Corrie’s death in 2003 was an "accident". An Israeli army bulldozer crushed her as she blocked its approach to a Palestinian home in the Gaza Strip. Her family, who brought the civil case, plan to appeal.

Tomlinson family vow to continue fight for justice

24 July 2012
Outrage followed the news on Thursday of last week that Simon Harwood had been found not guilty of Ian Tomlinson’s manslaughter.

Anthony Cartwright: How I Killed Margaret Thatcher

17 July 2012
This is a story of a working class family in Dudley living under Margaret Thatcher.

Sean Rigg inquest is a battle for justice for those who die in custody

19 June 2012
Family, friends and supporters packed into the public gallery at Southwark Coroner’s Court last week for the inquest into the death of Sean Rigg.

Refugee who resisted forced deportation: 'We are people too'

12 June 2012
Men, women and children are being forcibly deported by the Tories. This is the reality of the government’s propaganda about immigrants and family life

Immigration: home secretary dismisses refugees' right to 'family life'

12 June 2012
The Tories pose as the party of the family. But they are choosy about which families they defend.


12 June 2012
Government of millionaires targets 'problem' families David Cameron blames 120,000 "troubled" families for "a large amount of crime" and claims that £75,000 is spent on each family a year.

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