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Anti-Nazi news

22 December 2001
A Nazi who stood for the British National Party at the general election could face jail for forging signatures on election nomination papers.


08 December 2001
Three council by-elections in Burnley during the last two weeks have seen the Nazi BNP build on its general election performance but not yet break through to win a seat. In the latest election in Rosehill ward on Thursday of last week the BNP grabbed 230 votes (19 percent).

By-election results

01 December 2001
Burnley An important council by-election was due to take place on Thursday of this week in the Rose Hill ward in Burnley, Lancashire. The BNP Nazis were hoping to get a significant vote. They stood candidates in two council by-elections in Burnley last week.

Oldham: Anti-racist fight launched

24 November 2001
The opposition to the Nazi British National Party (BNP) in Oldham, in Greater Manchester, stepped up last week with the launch of the Coalition Against Racism.


17 November 2001
The No Place in Burnley for the BNP campaign was launched at a press conference last week in the run-up to the council by-elections set to take place on Thursday 22 November. A representative from Burnley Football Club signed up to the statement, as well as local trade unionists, Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors, clergy, residents, and a visitor to Burnley who was a refugee from Nazi Germany.

Anti-Nazi message strikes a chord

01 October 2001
ANTI-NAZI activists are stepping up their campaign against the Nazi BNP and National Front (NF) in Oldham in the run-up to the 20 October Respect anti-racist festival in the town. Campaigners prevented the NF from holding a demonstration in the town centre last Saturday.


15 September 2001
Workers fight the BNP in Oldham WE MET last week to launch Oldham Trade Unionists Against Racism and Fascism. Around 20 people, mostly local union reps and shop stewards from a range of unions including MSF, AEEU, UNISON, NUT, PCS and others, attended our inaugural meeting.

Morris is right

15 September 2001
TGWU UNION leader Bill Morris has added his voice to calls by anti-Nazis for the BBC and media to stop giving airtime to the BNP. Morris plans to write to the BBC slamming it for "becoming the house journal for the BNP. BNP leader Nick Griffin is on Radio 4 more than the prime minister. "The BBC is lending a hand in legitimising racism."

Build resistance to the BNP Nazis

11 August 2001
DAVID BLUNKETT, the home secretary, has banned the Anti Nazi League (ANL) carnival in Burnley set for 1 September. The carnival was to be a celebration of multiracial society in the face of the support for the Nazi British National Party (BNP) in the north west of England in the recent general election.

Nazi filth and 'lone' bomber

11 December 1999
REMEMBER LAST spring when the police repeatedly claimed that a "lone bomber" planted the Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho bombs? Two cases last week have revealed how propaganda from Nazi groups such as the British National Party and the National Front leads directly to such atrocities. Stuart Kerr, aged 20, from Hunston near Chichester was sent down for 12 years for firebombing an Asian-owned shop. His bedsit was stuffed with Nazi material from racist groups. There was also a copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf.

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