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Pressure from below forced NUS to become radical

25 March 2008
The huge student movements of the 1960s largely bypassed the NUS, which activists wrote off as both irrelevant and hopelessly right wing.

Striking a blow for democracy at UCL

25 March 2008
Activists at University College London (UCL) were celebrating last week after they defeated the right’s attempt to suspend Sam Godwin, the student union’s general secretary, and reverse a democratic decision to block military recruitment on campus.

Student unions: coffee, booze and a career - but no politics

25 March 2008
The depoliticisation and commercialisation of student unions has found a particularly strong expression in King’s College, London, says student John Cooper.

Transforming the student union in Essex

25 March 2008
Students at Essex university have shown that it is possible to build campaigns outside the structures of student unions that can then capture its leading positions.

Why is the National Union of Students planning a vote to abolish itself?

25 March 2008
A key vote at next week’s annual conference of the National Union of Students (NUS) could see the organisation transformed from a campaigning body into a "professional lobbying group".

Victories confirmed for Student Respect at Essex and Goldsmiths students' unions

12 March 2008
Student Respect national committee members Dominic Kavakeb and Jennifer Jones have been elected to two of the most important student union sabbatical positions in the country.

Student conference votes on scrapping NUS democracy

11 December 2007
The National Union of Students (NUS) emergency conference on 4 December was the first round of voting on whether the union should scrap most of its democratic structures.

Silencing debate in the National Union of Students

16 October 2007
On Tuesday of last week – the day after hundreds of student activists descended on parliament – the National Union of Students (NUS) leadership revealed its 80 page long attack on its democratic structures to the national executive.

National Union of Students conference

07 April 2007
The annual conference of the National Union of Students (NUS), which took place last week, was undoubtedly a difficult one for the left.

Manchester students’ victory against Islamophobia

25 November 2006
On Wednesday of last week, over 500 students attended the Manchester university student union general meeting where they voted for a motion against the BNP, and against an amendment enabling the banning of Muslim groups on campus.

Students on the march

04 November 2006
Thousands of students travelled to London last Sunday to join a National Union of Students (NUS) demonstration over education funding.

"You won't get away with this"

07 February 2004
The vote for student top-up fees and the scandal of the Hutton report sent waves of anger around Britain. Much of the mainstream media has ignored this grassroots revolt. Here we print some of the many e-mails readers sent to Socialist Worker and comments from high-profile anti-war campaigners

Warwick Uni head stung by waltzing

09 March 2002
Warwick University students organised a lively protest last week against the university's Centre for Education and Industry. This promotes education-industry links, and produces teaching packs for primary, secondary and further education.

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