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MPs pass new guidance for schools

MPs pass new guidance for schools MPs passed new LGBT+ inclusive relationship and sex education (RSE) regulations by 538 votes to 21 last Wednesday.

Resist the campaign to stop LGBT+ education

Resist the campaign to stop LGBT+ education Parents have forced a Birmingham school to drop LGBT+ education, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Oppressed people aren’t always united

Oppressed people aren’t always united Divisions sown by the ruling class can have a devastating effect, writes Simon Basketter

Bigotry makes Birmingham school drop LGBT+ lessons

Bigotry makes Birmingham school drop LGBT+ lessons A Birmingham school has suspended lessons on LGBT+ education amid parent protests.

No to bigotry in school

No to bigotry in school An argument over LGBT+ education in Birmingham could pit two oppressed groups against one another.

Reports round up: Cuts leave skeleton staff to run paper

Reports round up: Cuts leave skeleton staff to run paper Journalists have warned that short staffing at a newspaper has left the editorial team “at crisis point”.

LETTERS: Turkey’s ban on Pride shows Erdogan fears a united fight

17 July 2018
On Sunday 2 July the Turkish state crushed Istanbul’s LGBT+ Pride celebrations for the third year in a row.

No Pride in capitalism

03 July 2018
A lot has changed since the first Pride march in London in 1972.

Reports round up: Hundreds join Oxford Pride march

05 June 2018
Firefighters in the West Midlands have delivered a thumping vote for strikes in response to “exploitative” new contracts.

Pride is a celebration—but can also be a protest

29 May 2018
Tens of thousands of people took part in the Birmingham Pride LGBT+ march and festival last weekend.

Australia’s vote for marriage equality is a victory, but not the end

17 November 2017
Australians have voted overwhelmingly in favour of legalising marriage equality, sparking off celebration rallies of thousands around the country.

Reports round-up: HMRC workers protest against the pay cap

01 August 2017
Also: Demo against Trump | Strike vote at Chivas | Picturehouse ready for new strikes | Ballot at Coventry children's services | Post Office pay ballot | Conviction overturned for nuclear protesters

A beginning of the end for shame

28 July 2017
The contradictory Sexual Offences Act of 1967 didn’t stop gay oppression in Britain—but it was an early harbinger of revolts that won much more, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Pride should be political, no matter what the organisers and corporate bosses say

08 July 2017
 London Pride celebrates LGBT+ rights, but firefighters should lead it, not banks

Workers’ revolution ushered in an era of sexual liberation

04 July 2017
For the rights of LGBT+ people and women, revolutionary Russia was decades ahead of its time—and shows what is possible when workers unite

Why does the right hate sex?

04 July 2017
Right wingers have always hated women and LGBT+ people—and it’s all because of the capitalist system that wants to control our sexuality, argues Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Thousands join Birmingham Pride

30 May 2017
Joy and politics at the LGBT+ Pride march

Reports round-up: March shows solidarity with LGBT+ people in Chechnya

25 April 2017
Also: Strikes at Fujitsu | May Day walkout at Picturehouse | Ballots at Cemex and Hinckley Point | Woolwich ferry action suspended | Climate protest against Trump | Janitors strike | 70,000 to vote | delay in Kirklees

Reports round-up

18 April 2017
Includes short reports from the latest strikes in manufacturing, IT services, higher education, local government, plus news from abortion rights, housing and climate change campaigns

Hundreds protest for LGBT+ rights outside Russian embassy in London

12 April 2017
Over 600 LGBT+ people and their supporters joined a protest outside the Russian embassy in west London last night, Wednesday. 

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