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Australia’s vote for marriage equality is a victory, but not the end

Australia’s vote for marriage equality is a victory, but not the end Australians have voted overwhelmingly in favour of legalising marriage equality, sparking off celebration rallies of thousands around the country.

Reports round-up: HMRC workers protest against the pay cap

Reports round-up: HMRC workers protest against the pay cap Also: Demo against Trump | Strike vote at Chivas | Picturehouse ready for new strikes | Ballot at Coventry children's services | Post Office pay ballot | Conviction overturned for nuclear protesters

A beginning of the end for shame

A beginning of the end for shame The contradictory Sexual Offences Act of 1967 didn’t stop gay oppression in Britain—but it was an early harbinger of revolts that won much more, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Pride should be political, no matter what the organisers and corporate bosses say

Pride should be political, no matter what the organisers and corporate bosses say  London Pride celebrates LGBT+ rights, but firefighters should lead it, not banks

Workers’ revolution ushered in an era of sexual liberation

Workers’ revolution ushered in an era of sexual liberation For the rights of LGBT+ people and women, revolutionary Russia was decades ahead of its time—and shows what is possible when workers unite

Why does the right hate sex?

Why does the right hate sex? Right wingers have always hated women and LGBT+ people—and it’s all because of the capitalist system that wants to control our sexuality, argues Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Thousands join Birmingham Pride

30 May 2017
Joy and politics at the LGBT+ Pride march

Reports round-up: March shows solidarity with LGBT+ people in Chechnya

25 April 2017
Also: Strikes at Fujitsu | May Day walkout at Picturehouse | Ballots at Cemex and Hinckley Point | Woolwich ferry action suspended | Climate protest against Trump | Janitors strike | 70,000 to vote | delay in Kirklees

Reports round-up

18 April 2017
Includes short reports from the latest strikes in manufacturing, IT services, higher education, local government, plus news from abortion rights, housing and climate change campaigns

Hundreds protest for LGBT+ rights outside Russian embassy in London

12 April 2017
Over 600 LGBT+ people and their supporters joined a protest outside the Russian embassy in west London last night, Wednesday. 

LETTERS: Students’ solidarity flushed transphobia down the toilet

28 February 2017
A friend of mine, a 16 year old transgender woman at college in London, recently had major problems with transphobic bathroom rules.

Sexual liberation in the Russian Revolution

14 February 2017
The 1917 Russian Revolution saw many gains for LGBT+ rights. These were inseparable from the fight for socialism

How do we beat Trump?

31 January 2017
After huge protests against Donald Trump, activists from across the United States told Socialist Worker about how they’re organising to bring down the monster in the White House

Reports round-up: Anger at death of Trans woman in prison

24 January 2017
Also: Unison Black Members vote for free movement | London university cleaners fight back | Nuclear strike for pensions | Tip-top win at Harrods | Solidarity halts disciplinary at Edinburgh College | Simon O'Hara returns to work | Defending community halls in south London | Stop Nazi EDL in Rotherham | Peterborough post workers may strike | Fire bosses send home firefighters | Climate refugees conference planned | New offer at Fujitsu | Don’t slice our jobs, say pizza workers

Reports round-up: Nazis have a wet weekend in Maidstone

10 January 2017
Also: Unions go nuclear in pensions fight | Post union must stand firm on pensions | Shutdown at Fujitsu Manchester | Picturehouse strikes again? | Racist Ukip isn’t welcome in Bolton | Councils face fury over latest cuts | Support the left in lecturers’ union | Protest called for trans prisoners | Socialist Worker appeal breaks target

Reports round-up

30 August 2016
Further education (FE) support workers held a protest outside pay talks with Scotland’s college bosses in Glasgow last Thursday.

Kiss-in defies shop bosses' homophobia in Hackney

16 August 2016
Around 200 LGBT+ people and supporters joined a mass “kiss-in” in a Sainsbury’s supermarket branch in Hackney, east London, last Saturday.

LETTERS: I came to seek asylum—but they locked me up instead

16 August 2016
I come from Cameroon, where it is illegal to be gay. In 2012 I was caught with another man in a hotel and arrested.

Reports round-up: Anti-fascists humiliate Nazi EDL in Nottingham

09 August 2016
Also: Unions slam payouts for post office bosses | Walkouts can win at London Met | Pride marches in Brighton and Leeds | Sussex hospital drivers vote to strike for liabilities | Nationwide gets shifty in Swindon | Cleaners' fight is over at 100 Wood Street | French state plans attack on ‘jungle’ | Protest in Brixton against arch-enemy council | Magistrates find against reverend’s tax protest

LETTERS: NHS treats LGBT+ people like second class citizens

09 August 2016
Several leading media outlets have responded to ground-breaking advances in HIV prevention with homophobic slurs.

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