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Video of Bolton UAF demonstration against EDL, 20 March 2010

29 March 2010
Footage from throughout the day showing how police confronted Unite Against Fascism's demonstration against the racist English Defence League in Bolton

After Bolton: Where next for anti-fascism?

23 March 2010
The English Defence League (EDL) hoped that last Saturday in Bolton they could repeat their racist rampage in Stoke and the strutting arrogance of their march to parliament.

EDL racists are forced to back off in Bolton

23 March 2010
Defiant protests by 3,000 anti-fascists blocked the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Bolton last Saturday.

In their own words

23 March 2010
"We felt that the police handled the protest exceptionally well. We were happy with the conduct of the officers and whoever was in charge needs to be commended."English Defence League north west organiser on the policing of last week’s protest in Bolton

Kid gloves as police make friends with the EDL racists

23 March 2010
While the police battered anti-fascist protesters, Socialist Worker journalists witnessed the police getting matey with the racists of the EDL.

Activist's diary

23 March 2010
Thursday 25 MarchTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition election rally, with Bob Crow, Dave Nellist, Karen Reissmann and Brian Caton, 7,30pm, Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London. Go to <a href="">»</a>Saturday 27 MarchAfghanistan day of action, with campaigning across the country.<a href="">»</a>Saturday 3 AprilProtest against the racist English Defence League in DudleyCalled by Unite Against FascismGo to <

Now let’s stop the EDL in Dudley on 3 April

23 March 2010
The English Defence League’s next stop on its racist rampage is Dudley on Saturday 3 April. UAF is organising to stop it.

Bolton man 'stabbed by EDL supporters'

23 March 2010
The Bolton News is reporting that a man was stabbed in the shoulder with a "cut-throat" blade after trying to stop his friend being attacked by alleged supporters of the English Defence League who had earlier been protesting in Bolton.

Video of racist EDL arriving in Bolton

20 March 2010
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Saturday's protest against racist EDL in Bolton - rolling update

20 March 2010
6.49pm: From BoltonNearly all anti-fascist protesters who were arrested in Bolton during the demonstrations have now been released. Most have not been charged or have been fined £80.

Bolton mosque attacked

19 March 2010
Racists have attacked a Bolton mosque on the eve of the mobilisation by the English Defence League in Bolton tomorrow.

All roads lead to Bolton

19 March 2010
The wave of opposition to the racist English Defence League’s march in Bolton this Saturday is growing as hundreds activists make their final push to build the Unite Against Fascism counter demonstration.

Dudley next stop against EDL on Saturday 3 April

16 March 2010
More than 200 trade unionists and members of different faith groups have signed a unity statement saying that the EDL is not welcome in Dudley.

Smash the racist EDL in Bolton

16 March 2010
On Saturday the racist and fascist supporters of the English Defence League (EDL) will try to march through Bolton city centre to spread violence and intimidation.

‘We won’t let Bolton be divided by racist thugs’

16 March 2010
Coachloads of anti-fascists will travel to Bolton this Saturday to join protests to stop the racist English Defence League (EDL) from marching.

What is the English Defence League?

16 March 2010
The English Defence League (EDL) is a group of racist thugs and football hooligans with links to the Nazi British National Party (BNP).

The rich and street thugs: a warning from Italian history

16 March 2010
The idea that the far right thugs of the English Defence League (EDL) might gain friends, allies and even adherents in the upper classes would be scoffed at in polite society.

English Defence League thugs convicted

10 March 2010
The leadership of the racist English Defence League continue to claim it is a "peaceful" organisation—but the arrest and conviction of key members paints a different picture.

After EDL march in London: 'We’ll stop these racists next time'

09 March 2010
The state allowed 250 followers of the racist English Defence League (EDL) to march on parliament on Friday last week.

The BNP Nazi at the heart of the EDL

09 March 2010
The man in this picture is Chris Renton. He was photographed on the racist English Defence League (EDL) march on parliament last Friday.

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