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After Rotherham abuse horror - don't let the Nazis divide us

09 September 2014
The English Defence League (EDL) is trying to whip up racism in Rotherham following the horrific child abuse detailed in a recent report.

Hexthorpe protest rejects the racists

22 July 2014
Anti-fascists and locals turned out to oppose a march by the English Defence League (EDL) in the South Yorkshire village of Hexthorpe last Saturday.

Reports round-up

10 June 2014
HMRC strike gets go ahead | Hundreds attend memorial for Tony Benn | Racist EDL outnumbered in Stevenage | Unison service group executive election results | Protest in London over rapes in India | Lunchtime protests to save legal aid | Four-day strike for 3 Cosas campaign

One thousand oppose March for England racists in Brighton

29 April 2014
Around 1,000 people turned out on the rainy streets of Brighton last Sunday to humiliate a sorry and soggy bunch of racists on their annual March for England.

Pictures from the Stand up to Racism and Fascism protests

25 March 2014
Thousands of people joined protests against racism and fascism across Britain last Saturday

Thousands of marchers tell racists to get lost

25 March 2014
Trade unionists and migrants took to the streets of London, Glasgow and Cardiff, reports Ken Olende

Anti-fascist pressured to spy in Cambridge was threatened with arrest

18 March 2014
The police repeatedly tried to recruit informers to disrupt the campaigning of anti-fascists in Cambridge. 

Campaigns get organised for protest against racist myths about migrants

28 January 2014
Campaigners are getting organised to build demonstrations against racism and fascism on Saturday 22 March. 

Racist EDL outnumbered in Bristol

14 January 2014
Some 100 people turned up in Bristol to oppose the English Defence League (EDL) at very short notice on Tuesday of last week. 

Join the campaign to get bankrupt Griffin out of the European Parliament

07 January 2014
Nazi British National Party leader Nick Griffin (right) has been declared bankrupt.

EDL is humiliated in Exeter as anti-racists take to the streets

19 November 2013
More than 1,000 anti-racists turned out in force to oppose a planned march by the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Exeter last Saturday.

We opposed the EDL wherever it went

15 October 2013
The English Defence League was formed in June 2009 to target Muslims. Racists in Scotland and Wales set up their own “defence leagues”.

After English Defence League leader quits - is racism in retreat?

15 October 2013
Following the resignation of EDL leader Tommy Robinson, Weyman Bennett looks at how fascist groups build—and how anti-fascist movements can push them back

Racists humiliated in Dundee and Croydon

08 October 2013
Anti-racists in Dundee and London scored victories over the Scottish Defence League (SDL) and British National Party (BNP) last Saturday.

Fresh crisis for English Defence League as leader Tommy Robinson quits

08 October 2013
Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, co-founders of the racist English Defence League (EDL), have announced plans to quit the group. 

Stop the Nazis in Liverpool and Bradford

01 October 2013
Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is calling on its supporters to mobilise on Saturday 12 October in both Liverpool and Bradford.

Sheffield stands against EDL demo

24 September 2013
Some 250 people joined a Unite Against Fascism (UAF) protest in north Sheffield to oppose a rally by the racist English Defence League (EDL). 

Protesters keep EDL out of east London

10 September 2013
Last weekend’s mass mobilisation shows what it takes to stop the fascists

Video of Whitechapel Unite Against Fascism demonstration on Saturday

09 September 2013
Thousands of people came to Tower Hamlets in east London last Saturday to black a march by the racist English Defence League. Once again the racists said they would march into the borough and once again Unite Against Fascism and other anti-racists stopped them. Video by TerryDee99

They did not pass - anti-fascists keep EDL out of Tower Hamlets

07 September 2013
Anti-racist protesters kept the English Defence League (EDL) out of Tower Hamlets in east London today, Saturday.

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