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The EDL are thugs and fascists

27 October 2009
The British National Party (BNP) and the English Defence League (EDL) are flip sides of the same Nazi coin.

Racist EDL forced off streets of Swansea

20 October 2009
People in Swansea were shocked and disgusted by racist thugs taking to their city’s streets too last Saturday.

How do we stop these Nazis?

13 October 2009
The English Defence League is not welcome anywhere.

Anti-racists stand up to EDL thugs in Manchester

13 October 2009
More than 2,000 anti‑racists gathered in Manchester city centre on Saturday of last week to face down one of the biggest Nazi protests in central Manchester since Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirts in the 1930s.

EDL beaten at al-Quds march

15 September 2009
The EDL thugs tried to threaten the al-Quds pro-Palestine march in London’s Trafalgar Square last Sunday – but they failed.

EDL: Fascism’s street fighting wing

15 September 2009
The EDL has been touted as the street fighting wing of the BNP. Although both the EDL and the BNP deny such links, several of the EDL’s leading organisers are listed as BNP members.

Bus workers join the anti-EDL protest

15 September 2009
There were groups of bus workers on the Harrow demonstration from at least four local garages.

Police protect racist demo

08 September 2009
Many people believe the police did nothing to stop the EDL from rampaging through Birmingham city centre.

Photos of Birmingham anti-EDL protest on 5 September 2009

08 September 2009

Who are the EDL marchers?

08 September 2009
The English Defence League (EDL) demonstrations began in Luton in April 2009.

Defend the Harrow mosque

01 September 2009
"We won’t let racists or fascists divide us." That is the message from Harrow, west London, in response to plans by racist thugs in the English Defence League (EDL) to hold an anti-Muslim protest at Harrow Central Mosque on Friday 11 September.

Racist English Defence League thugs plan protests

25 August 2009
Racists in the English Defence League (EDL), who were chased out of Birmingham by hundreds of anti-fascists earlier this month, are planning a series of protests around the country.

NEDL electricity workers show their power

19 August 2008
Up to 1,200 electricity workers in Newcastle could strike for ten days in a row over pay.

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