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NUS gets ready to march

11 September 2012
The National Union of Students (NUS) held its first mobilisation meeting for its national demonstration on the 21 November on Friday of last week in Manchester.

Two police officers to face charges over policing of Bolton UAF demo

31 August 2012
Two officers in the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are to face charges that they perverted the course of justice in the case of an anti-fascist arrested at a Bolton demo.

Anti-Atos protests take to streets of Manchester and Sheffield

29 August 2012
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Fighting to save the Ancoats Dispensary

21 August 2012
Activists campaigning to save the historic Ancoats Dispensary building in Manchester protested outside Manchester Town Hall on Saturday.

Manchester's battle to remember the Peterloo Massacre

20 August 2012
Statues of bankers and politicians pepper the town squares in Manchester. But the city does not have a monument or memorial to the Peterloo Massacre of 16 August 1819.

Police raids and night courts

31 July 2012
Anderson Fernandes took two scoops of ice cream from a Manchester cafe after finding the door ajar during last summer’s riots.

Art of West Africa comes to Manchester's galleries

19 June 2012
A festival of art and music from West Africa has arrived in Manchester. We Face Forward draws its title from words uttered by Ghana’s first president Kwame Nkrumah in 1960.

Defiant lecturers pledge to resist Tory pension attacks

12 June 2012
Lecturers in the UCU union voted overwhelmingly to continue the fight to defend their pensions at their annual conference in Manchester last weekend.

UCU shows that small unions can pack a punch

05 June 2012
Lecturers in the UCU union will discuss the next steps in their pensions campaign at their annual congress in Manchester this weekend.

Meetings held to mark return of Climate Caravan for jobs

29 May 2012
Enthusiastic meetings of 50 people in London and Manchester wrapped up the Caravan for a Million Climate Jobs tour last Friday.

Picturing Politics: exploring the political poster in Britain

24 April 2012
Picturing Politics is a free exhibition at the People’s History Museum in Manchester that charts the history of the political poster in 20th century Britain.

Packaging workers target clients

10 April 2012
Locked out workers from Mayr Melnof Packaging (MMP) factory in Bootle near Liverpool were in Manchester on Thursday of last week.

Anti-fracking network launched

20 March 2012
Over 70 activists converged in Manchester on Saturday for the first national anti&#8209;fracking meeting.

Sparks hold rank and file meeting

20 March 2012
Over 100 rank and file electricians held a national meeting in Manchester last Saturday.

Fascists fail to divide people in Hyde

28 February 2012
Some 800 mostly local people came out to show their disgust at a racist mobilisation in Hyde, Greater Manchester, last Saturday.

Plans to bring Engels' 'Condition of the Working Class in England' to modern Manchester

28 February 2012
In the early 1840s a young German revolutionary called Frederick Engels spent three years in Manchester. He observed how rapid industrialisation had made working class lives a misery.

Victim's family condemns racist EDL march

21 February 2012
The family of a 17-year old who was violently assaulted in Hyde, near Manchester, earlier this month have told the EDL not to hold an anti-Asian protest this Saturday.

Victory saves Sure Start

07 February 2012
Some 39 Sure Start centres in Manchester and two day care centres in Salford have been saved from cuts.

Build for a national electricians’ walkout

24 January 2012
Electricians protested in Glasgow, Manchester and London last week.

Unanimous vote to end dispute at Fujitsu

24 January 2012
Unite union members at the Manchester site of IT giant Fujitsu have unanimously voted to accept an offer to settle their long-running dispute.

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