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Map of Belfast showing link between poverty and violence

18 September 2012

Violence is at the core of the Northern Irish state

18 September 2012
Sectarian rioting broke out earlier this month in Northern Ireland. It followed a series of provocative Orange Order marches going past the St Patrick’s Catholic Church, just on the outskirts of Belfast city centre.

Shadow Dancer captures the atmosphere of 1990s Belfast

28 August 2012
Shadow dancer is an intense and hard hitting thriller set in 1990s Belfast, in the fraught months leading up to the end of the Troubles.

Transport round-up

24 April 2012
Bus drivers in Belfast forced their bosses to reinstate a suspended colleague last week by abandoning their vehicles for an hour.

Tories reject public inquiry in the murder of Pat Finucane

12 October 2011
Tory prime minister David Cameron ruled out a public inquiry into the 1989 murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane.

Belfast: ‘700 nurses picketed’

11 October 2011
A strike by health workers in Northern Ireland last week gave a glimpse of what Britain will look like during the coordinated strikes on 30 November.

Hundreds of pickets shutdown Belfast hospital

05 October 2011
Thousands of health workers struck for 24 hours in Northern Ireland today, Wednesday, in a battle against cuts.


26 July 2011
Visteon strikes again Visteon, the Ford daughter company formed in 2000, used KPMG to close three plants in the UK with only a few minutes notice in 2009. It only paid redundancy money after workers occupied the factories in Basildon, Enfield and Belfast for six weeks.

Bobby Sands: ‘Our revenge will be the laughter of our children’

03 May 2011
Bobby Sands was a young working class man from Belfast whose death 30 years ago shook the establishment. After his 17th birthday, he never saw a Christmas outside prison. He died aged 27, an MP in the British parliament.

Video of tremendous Belfast Pride

06 August 2010
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Fujitsu workers fight for pensions, jobs and pay with first national IT strike

19 December 2009
Workers at the Fujitsu services company held the first ever national strike in the IT industry when they took action in defence of their jobs, pay and pensions on Friday. Big and lively picket lines were seen at Fujitsu offices across the country—including Manchester, Warrington, Crewe and Belfast—as the 1,600 Unite union members struck.

Lecturers lobby Queens University against cuts

23 June 2009
Lecturers in the UCU union at Queens University in Belfast are appalled at management plans to cut hundreds of jobs and close departments.

Community unites to resist attacks on Roma in Northern Ireland

23 June 2009
The simmering sectarianism that dominates Northern Ireland boiled over last week as a series of racist attacks forced more than 100 members of the Roma community out of their homes in Belfast.

Attacks on Romanians in Belfast reflect the sectarian state

18 June 2009
The simmering sectarianism that still dominates Northern Ireland has boiled over this week with more than 100 Romanians forced out of their homes in a series of racist attacks in Belfast.

Solidarity with Romanian families in Belfast

17 June 2009
Email messages of support to the chair of the Anti-racism network in Belfast <a href=""></a>

Belfast Visteon workers discuss the deal

06 May 2009
Ford-Visteon workers in Belfast have been occupying their plant for over five weeks after they were sacked with no notice and no redundancy pay at the end of March.

Belfast Visteon: Four weeks in occupation

28 April 2009
The High Court in Belfast last week refused to order the eviction of the occupying Visteon workers in the city.

Belfast bus workers stop work in support of Visteon

21 April 2009
The ongoing occupation of the Belfast Visteon plant continues, despite attempts by KPMG, the administrators, to evict the workers.

Support the struggle at Visteon

21 April 2009
Do a collection and take a group from your workplace or campaign to visit the Visteon plantsInvite a Visteon speaker to your workplace or organisation to publicise their fightJoin the national day of action on Saturday 25 April and organise a protest at your local Ford dealerRaise money through your union branchRush messages to <a href=""></a> or text to Kevin (Enfield) 07956 375 410, Frank (Basildon) 07535 417 418 or John (Belfast) 07816 590 380

Ordinary people rally to back ongoing Visteon occupation in Belfast

14 April 2009
The occupation of the Visteon plant in Belfast is now into its third week.

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