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Raytheon Nine trial starts

21 May 2008
The trial of the Raytheon Nine got underway after a number of delays and postponements on Tuesday at Laganside Court in Belfast.

Raytheon Nine trial set to start

20 May 2008
The trial of the "Raytheon Nine" anti-war activists is set to start this week in Belfast, and last for up to six weeks.

NUJ annual conference dodges the critical issues

08 April 2008
Delegates to the NUJ journalists' union conference were thrilled to hear reports of solid picket lines at the Express and Star's two centres when they gathered in Belfast for their annual conference last week.

Belfast against bigots

05 February 2008
On one of the coldest nights of January, about 50 people protested in Belfast outside the "Passion for Life" tour organised by Tory MP Ann Widdecombe and other anti-abortion parliamentarians.

Did Unite back sacked Belfast airport workers?

28 August 2007
Security workers from Belfast International Airport got compensation of £600,000 after being sacked following a strike over pay. However, four shop stewards say that the T&G union (now Unite) failed to back them.

The British army’s campaign against Catholics in Northern Ireland

08 August 2007
The British army ceased active duty on the streets of Northern Ireland last week – 38 years after they first arrived in Belfast and Derry. This was called Operation Banner.

Pat Finucane murder: outrage at 'no prosecutions' announcement

26 June 2007
The government stand accused of a cover-up after it was revealed police and soldiers would not be prosecuted over the death of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane.

1907 Belfast strike showed the power to end the sectarian divide

15 May 2007
Much was made last week of the politicians of Northern Ireland coming together apparently to bring peace. But 100 years ago, there was a far more inspiring and grassroots example of people coming together in Ireland, which is rarely written about in the mainstream press.

Division and poverty behind Northern Ireland legacy claims

08 May 2007
Tony Blair flew into Belfast this week to witness the handing over of control of Northern Ireland to an executive led by Ian Paisley of the Democratic Unionists with Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuiness serving as his deputy. The retiring prime minister is keen to claim peace in Northern Ireland as part of his legacy.

Northern Ireland post workers

11 March 2006
Derry Derry postal workers in Northern Ireland are threatening industrial action if Royal Mail forces through a cost-cutting proposal to transfer its mail transport service from the city to Belfast.

Belfast post victory is a symbol of what unity achieves

25 February 2006
Royal Mail totally capitulated to our central demands. We achieved a complete climbdown. We went out on strike against bullying and harassment and won our key objective of an independent review of employee relations and industrial relations in Belfast.

Victory for Belfast post workers

18 February 2006
"It's a complete climbdown, a total capitulation, we’ve won!" Speaking surrounded by cheering mates, a Belfast postal worker told Socialist Worker on Friday afternoon that the 18 days of inspiring struggle had forced Royal Mail to concede practically all their demands.

'Right wing smears on Belfast post strike' - Eamonn McCann

18 February 2006
Anyone who doubts postal workers’ claims that Royal Mail management is characterised by offensive arrogance should ponder the statement issued in relation to the Belfast dispute.

Belfast post workers – 'We’re united in a fight for dignity'

18 February 2006
Over 3,000 people took to the streets of Belfast on Tuesday of this week in support of an unofficial strike by 800 postal workers.

Prepare for a national post battle

18 February 2006
Belfast is one battle in a growing conflict.

'Yes we have no bananas', workers united in Belfast

18 February 2006
Each morning the striking Belfast postal workers have gathered in Custom House Square. The last time Protestant and Catholic workers marched together through the Falls and Shankill and rallied outside the Custom House was in 1932.

Belfast post’s defiant walkout

11 February 2006
What happens if you are a postal worker who starts making notes in your diary about harassment by managers? In Belfast the manager seizes your diary and accuses you of harassment!

Post workers union must respond to attacks

11 February 2006
Belfast is not the only flashpoint as Royal Mail launches a massive national campaign to cut costs and jobs in order to "compete against private operators".

Belfast postal strike

04 February 2006
Over 300 postal workers in Belfast were on unofficial strike on Wednesday morning in protest at management's use of disciplinary procedures.

Management intimidation of Belfast CWU strikers

04 February 2006
Royal Mail management in Belfast have launched an almost unprecedented assault on CWU union reps.

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