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Who won the peace?

08 October 2005
"A new renaissance for Belfast," proclaim the banners surrounding an enormous £300 million building site in the city centre. It is one of numerous developments that form part of the "regeneration" of Northern Ireland.

Belfast: the real divide

08 October 2005
A pipe bomb exploded at the home of a Catholic couple and their three year old boy in Ballymoney, County Antrim, last week. Steel fragments burst through the window destroying their living room.

Why Belfast exploded

24 September 2005
The ferocity of the recent loyalist riots in Belfast astounded commentators, but came as no surprise to anyone who lives or works in Protestant working class areas.

Britain’s state of war in Northern Ireland

26 March 2005
To mark St Patrick’s Day last week, George Bush welcomed the sisters and partner of Robert McCartney to the White House. Robert was the Belfast man murdered outside a bar in January after falling foul of a group of people, including members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

United in support group

21 December 2002

One fire it will be hard to put out

31 August 2002
OVER 2,000 firefighters and their supporters converged on Belfast from around Northern Ireland and Britain as the firefighters' campaign for decent pay hotted up last weekend. This latest Fire Brigades Union (FBU) demonstration had the same confident and vibrant spirit shown on previous demonstrations on the streets of London, Glasgow and other cities.

Firefighters must get more than cops

17 August 2002
THE MOOD for a serious fight over pay in the fire brigade is hotting up. Members of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) were to march in Swansea this Saturday and the union has called further demonstrations on the Isle of Wight and in Belfast next week.

Belfast rally: 'We are sick of sectarianism'

10 August 2002
SOME 5,000 people joined a protest against sectarianism outside Belfast City Hall in Northern Ireland on Friday of last week. The rally was in response to the sectarian murder of a young Catholic man, Gerard Lawlor, by Loyalist paramilitaries. The Loyalist death squad, the Ulster Freedom Fighters, appeared on TV wearing balaclavas and combat gear and wielding guns, claiming responsibility for the murder.


10 August 2002
THE FIRE Brigades Union has called three further major demonstrations and rallies as its 55,000 members move to ballot for strike action over pay. There will be demonstrations in Swansea on Saturday 17 August, in Belfast on 24 August, and a rally in London on 2 September. A final meeting with the employers, who spurned calls for an increase in firefighters' pay to £30,000 a year, will take place at the beginning of September.

Sectarianism: Belfast workers explain why the divisions remain and how they can be fought

13 July 2002
Postal worker NIALL MORTON is a postal worker who works in the Mallusk post office in North Belfast. He led a walkout of postal workers in protest at the murder by Loyalists of a young Catholic worker, Danny McColgan, earlier this year.

We're all united against the boss

13 July 2002
MEDIA REPORTS from Northern Ireland over the last week have been about the sectarian Orange bigots marching at Drumcree and in Belfast. But a different kind of march took place there last Saturday which didn't receive any media coverage in Britain. It gave a glimpse of the alternative to sectarianism.

Unity now taking off

06 July 2002
"IT'S TIME for ordinary men and women to stand up and be counted. We are struggling for every worker against the employers in Britain and Ireland." That is the message from Gordon McNeill, a shop steward in the TGWU union at Belfast International Airport. Gordon and 23 other security workers have been sacked for striking against poverty wages.

Shorts Engineering

26 January 2002
Workers at the Shorts aircraft plant in Belfast are to ballot on strikes against compulsory redundancies. Shorts, owned by the Canadian Bombardier Aerospace group, wants to cut some 2,000 jobs out of the 7,500-strong workforce.

Loyalist thugs who want more killing

19 January 2002
LOYALIST TERROR reached shocking new levels in Belfast in Northern Ireland this week. Two masked Loyalist gunmen shot Catholic postal worker Danny McColgan dead as he arrived for work on the mainly Loyalist Rathcoole estate last Saturday morning. They shot him five times in the back and twice in the head. Danny was 20 years old. He and his partner, Lindsay, have a 13 month old child.

Orange is the colour of bigotry and hatred

15 September 2001
BAYING LOYALIST mobs on the one side. Catholic parents escorting girls as young as four to primary school on the other. The images from Holy Cross School in north Belfast should convince anyone that the sectarian divide in Northern Ireland is not about an even split between two antagonistic "communities".

Daily attacks by Loyalists

11 August 2001
TODAY LOYALIST paramilitary groups are terrorising Catholics. They are also targeting people in mixed Catholic and Protestant families. Socialist Worker spoke to SEAN McVEIGH, a teacher in North Belfast, one of the worst affected areas.

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