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Unison conference — rocky road for the right wing

02 July 2005
Unison's national delegate conference, held in Glasgow last week, saw the union commit itself to a series of tough policies over privatisation, pensions and opposition to the Labour government’s domestic agenda.

Signs of clashes to come at Unison conference

25 June 2005
Local government workers in the Unison union met in Glasgow earlier this week for their annual conference.

One-day strike by BBC workers hits the airwaves

28 May 2005
A vibrant and powerful strike by thousands of BBC workers severely hit the corporation’s programming on Monday of this week. Workers picketed BBC buildings around Britain, including Glasgow (pictured). They were set to strike again against job cuts on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week

Scottish Socialist Party squeezed

07 May 2005
It was a disappointing election for the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP), as its vote dropped across Scotland. Keith Baldassara won one of the SSP’s best votes of 1,666 — 5.4 percent — in Glasgow South West.

RMT takes on fight over rail privatisation

05 May 2005
The march organised by the RMT rail union from Glasgow to London demanding the renationalisation of the industry reached the capital last Saturday.

Pay strikes shut down Glasgow’s subway system

30 April 2005
Striking workers closed Glasgow’s subway system for four days from Friday of last week. The workers, members of the T&G union, struck in support of their pay claim and against attacks on conditions.

Voices from Africa, Voices of Resistance — an inspiring day of debate on Africa

30 April 2005
Around 300 people gathered in Glasgow last Saturday for a conference on "Voices from Africa, Voices of Resistance".

Coming events

23 April 2005
Friday 15-30 AprilRMT Rail Against Privatisation march from Glasgow to London. London rally Saturday 30 April. For details go to <a href="" target = "_blank"></a>

Glasgow underground

23 April 2005
Striking workers brought Glasgow’s subway system to a complete halt last week. The workers, members of the T&G union, struck on Friday and Saturday of last week.

Rail Against Privatisation march

23 April 2005
The RMT rail workers’ union launched its Rail Against Privatisation march in Glasgow last Saturday.

Glasgow Housing Association staff strike for the tenants’ facilities

09 April 2005
A strike by more than 500 Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) staff closed nearly 60 offices across the city on Wednesday of last week. Management claimed that a large number of offices were open — but was unable to provide the names of any when the press asked for them!

Defend asylum seekers

02 April 2005
A family of Roma asylum seekers from Kosovo has been released from the Yarl’s Wood detention centre after a campaign led by Glasgow school students.

Debating rights in Glasgow

05 March 2005
Some 200 people crammed into the community hall at the al-Furqan Mosque in Woodlands, Glasgow, last Friday night for a passionate debate about defending civil liberties. Speakers included Jamal al-Harith who gave a moving account of his two years detained in Guantanamo Bay.

Now build the 19 March anti-war demonstration

26 February 2005
Anti-war actions took place across Britain on Tuesday of last week, the Stop the War Coalition’s day of action marking two years since 15 February 2003, the biggest anti-war march in British history. Keir McKechnie reports from Glasgow.

Reports in brief

19 February 2005
Scabs break rules in airport strike AIRPORT FIREFIGHTERS in Glasgow are going into their third week of indefinite all-out strike. The bosses are breaking all the rules to keep the airport open, using senior fire officers from all the other British Airport Authority airports to scab on their subordinates.

Glasgow Airport firefighters strike enters second week

12 February 2005
The indefinite all-out strike by Glasgow Airport firefighters, who are in the T&G union, entered its second week on Monday.

Indefinite strike to protect air passengers’ safety

05 February 2005
Firefighters at Glasgow international airport — all members of the T&G union — began an indefinite, all out strike last Saturday over health and safety.

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05 February 2005
"In 2005 it is crucial to have this important piece of armoury for the year we face — with the anti-war movement, G8 coming to Scotland and the looming general election. Since I work in four different workplaces I was struggling to make time to pick up the paper — that’s why I took out a subscription."Trish McCafferty Greenock, Glasgow

Is alcohol the demon drink?

05 February 2005
THE FOLK singers Alex Glasgow and Henry Livings’ song, As Soon as this Pub Closes, the Revolution Starts, accurately summed up the attitude of one section of the left to drink. It was something to be enjoyed over bar-room chats about socialism, but often the enjoyment led to a serious incapacity to do anything practical as a result of the discussions.

Defending refugees

29 January 2005
CAMPAIGNERS IN Glasgow last week secured the release of Pastor Mikielokele Daly and his family from Dungeval detention centre, and a judicial review of the whole case. The Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees and the Pentecostal Church of Redemption worked together calling four large demonstrations over the normally quiet Christmas and new year fortnight.

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