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Glasgow Airport firefighters strike enters second week

12 February 2005
The indefinite all-out strike by Glasgow Airport firefighters, who are in the T&G union, entered its second week on Monday.

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05 February 2005
"In 2005 it is crucial to have this important piece of armoury for the year we face — with the anti-war movement, G8 coming to Scotland and the looming general election. Since I work in four different workplaces I was struggling to make time to pick up the paper — that’s why I took out a subscription."Trish McCafferty Greenock, Glasgow

Indefinite strike to protect air passengers’ safety

05 February 2005
Firefighters at Glasgow international airport — all members of the T&G union — began an indefinite, all out strike last Saturday over health and safety.

Is alcohol the demon drink?

05 February 2005
THE FOLK singers Alex Glasgow and Henry Livings’ song, As Soon as this Pub Closes, the Revolution Starts, accurately summed up the attitude of one section of the left to drink. It was something to be enjoyed over bar-room chats about socialism, but often the enjoyment led to a serious incapacity to do anything practical as a result of the discussions.

Defending refugees

29 January 2005
CAMPAIGNERS IN Glasgow last week secured the release of Pastor Mikielokele Daly and his family from Dungeval detention centre, and a judicial review of the whole case. The Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees and the Pentecostal Church of Redemption worked together calling four large demonstrations over the normally quiet Christmas and new year fortnight.

Help create history

29 January 2005
THE PROBLEM of debt repayment is at its most acute in Africa where countries already blighted by war are also forced to spend billions repaying or simply servicing debt. This means that there is no investment in infrastructure, education or health. As a campaigner for refugees in Glasgow I have been working with the African community to stop deportations.

Refugees welcome

22 January 2005
Working class Glaswegians have responded much more positively to the dispersal of asylum seekers to their city than many media reports have suggested, according to a recent study. The Building Bridges report, by Dr Karen Wren, identifies the voluntary work of local people within community networks as the single most positive aspect where the integration of asylum seekers in Glasgow is concerned.

Mordechai Vanunu

08 January 2005
RAPTUROUS celebrations broke out among students at Glasgow University at the end of term when they found out that Israeli political prisoner Mordechai Vanunu had topped the poll for the position of rector of the college.

In brief

04 December 2004
Scottish workers say no to racism Up to 1,000 people attended the Scottish TUC annual demonstration against racism and fascism in Glasgow last Saturday. Trade union delegates included firefighters, print workers and several Unison and EIS (Scottish teachers’ union) branches.

Our kids sacrificed for people at the top

06 November 2004
HUNDREDS OF local people and anti-war campaigners joined a "Bring the troops home by Christmas" march in Pollok, Glasgow, last Saturday. Rose Gentle, the mother of British soldier Gordon Gentle who was killed in Iraq, called the protest.

‘Troops home’ march

30 October 2004
ANTI-WAR ACTIVISTS are gearing up for this Saturday’s "Bring the troops home" protest in Glasgow. Rose Gentle initiated the march. Her son Gordon Gentle was killed in Iraq in June.

Managers get lessons in how to be polite

23 October 2004
THE SOAPWORKS dispute in Glasgow has ended with management conceding a marginal increase in their original pay offer.

Where now for our movement?

17 October 2004
Chris Nineham, a member of the ESF steering committee, and Dave Sherry, a delegate at the ESF from the TGWU union in Glasgow, spoke to Socialist Worker about the future for the movement.


13 October 2004
WORKERS at the Soapworks factory in Glasgow returned to work last week with their pay claim still unresolved.


09 October 2004
WORKERS AT the Soapworks factory in Glasgow were due to return to work this Wednesday after being out on strike for almost two weeks.

in brief: strike begins to bite Body Shop

02 October 2004
WORKERS AT the Soapworks factory in Easterhouse, Glasgow, have stepped up their strike. They are striking every day until Wednesday of next week.


25 September 2004
WORKERS AT the Soapworks factory in Glasgow were escalating their action by striking on Tuesday and Thursday of this week.

‘You can get told off for sucking a throat lozenge’

18 September 2004
OVER 60 TGWU union members at the Soapworks factory in Easterhouse, Glasgow, entered their third week of strike action on Monday.

We need a union, so what does that make our boss?

11 September 2004
The spray-painted banner on the picket line at Soapworks in Easterhouse, Glasgow, carries a quote from Anita Roddick, founder and director of the Body Shop. The Body Shop is the major shareholder in Soapworks.

College Lecturers

04 September 2004
LECTURERS AT Coatbridge College were joined by delegations of union members from other colleges in Glasgow and Motherwell last week in a protest at the threat of up to 22 compulsory redundancies at the college.

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