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Bring all the troops home!

21 August 2004
ROSE GENTLE is the mother of 19 year old Gordon Gentle from Pollok in Glasgow, who was killed on 28 June in Iraq.

Everybody out to beat bosses on the glorious twelfth

14 August 2004
WORKERS AT the Edrington whisky group in Glasgow were set to strike again on Thursday and Friday of this week.

Defending refugees

14 August 2004
Arshad Suhail Masih is one of the many refugee prisoners held at Dungavel prison near Glasgow.

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14 August 2004

Biggest march town has seen

07 August 2004
ABOUT 5,000 people marched in Greenock, near Glasgow, last Saturday against proposals to downgrade Inverclyde Royal Hospital (IRH) and to close Ravenscraig Hospital.

Close down these ‘torture centres’

07 August 2004
MORE THAN 200 people joined last Sunday’s protest at the Dungavel detention centre in South Lanarkshire, called by the Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees.

Workers’ happy hour at Famous Grouse

07 August 2004
THERE WAS cheering, waving and much beeping of horns last Friday when over 340 GMB union members at the Edrington whisky group in Glasgow walked out on strike.


19 June 2004
Support kept our strike going strong GLASGOW'S NURSERY nurses returned to their workplaces on Monday of last week, heads held high and retaining the dignity they have shown throughout their 14 weeks of strike action. Many were in tears, some were relieved, but the overwhelming emotion was one of anger at having been bullied and starved back to work by a Thatcherite Glasgow city council threatening to sack us with anti-union laws!

'We're going back but battle goes on'

10 June 2004
GLASGOW'S Labour-run council has used the worst rogue employer tactics to force 700 striking nursery nurses back to work. It threatened to sack every one of the low paid workers last week using Labour's notorious anti-union law that allows an employer to dismiss strikers after eight weeks of action.

Nursery nurses

27 May 2004
DESPITE THE financial hardship of nearly three months on strike, the resolve of the nursery nurses was still strong at the start of this week. Over 300 strikers in Glasgow demonstrated outside one of the main council buildings on Thursday of last week. A group of nursery nurses hung a banner from the roof of the car park opposite the building saying \&quot;Support your nursery nurses\&quot;.

Refugee scandal that the tabloids ignore

27 May 2004
A 27 year old man was found dead at his flat in the Dennistoun area of Glasgow on 18 May after apparently committing suicide. He was Zekria Ghulam Mohammed, an Afghan asylum seeker. The papers that are normally so keen to splash pictures of refugees over their pages ignored his death.

The scandal behind Glasgow's factory fire

22 May 2004
A MASSIVE blast last week destroyed a four-storey factory in seconds. Nine workers at Stockline Plastics in Maryhill are dead and 40 others have been maimed or badly injured. The carnage happened in a densely populated part of Glasgow. It has stunned the city.

Thousands walk out in civil service strike

08 May 2004
THOUSANDS OF civil servants have defied anti-union laws to unofficially walk out of work in the last two weeks against a management offensive. The action was sparked by management suspending 28 union members for refusing to carry out a performance-related pay assessment scheme. The one-day walkouts took place in Scarborough, the Glasgow Appeals Service and Sheffield on Thursday of last week, and Manchester Rusholme social security office on Friday.

Axe the council tax

01 May 2004
AROUND 2,000 protesters marched through Glasgow last Saturday calling for an end to the council tax. The demonstration marked the launch of a national \&quot;Axe the Tax\&quot; campaign and was led by Scottish Socialist Party MSP Tommy Sheridan. He told the rally at the Barrowland Ballroom, \&quot;The council tax has a death warrant issued. Let's establish 'Axe the Tax' committees in every part of the country in trade unions, communities and pensioner groups to establish a campaign that puts the interests of ordinary workers and pensioners before the wealthy and big business. Let's stop taxing the pensioners and start taxing the rich.\&quot;

Major row over new pay scheme

01 May 2004
HEALTH WORKERS in the Unison union assembled in Glasgow on Monday for the union's health sector conference. It discussed issues that could lead to a major confrontation with the government in the autumn.

Nursery nurses are fighting for all of us

10 April 2004
UNION MEMBERS at Glasgow's Southern General Hospital have provided a superb example of the solidarity 4,600 nursery nurses need as they approach six weeks of all-out strike action. The Unison union branch at the hospital donated £3,000 to the strike fund and activists are taking collection sheets round the wards.

Refugee protest

27 March 2004
AFTER 28 days on hunger strike, and at the urging of their friends and supporters, the "Glasgow Three", Faroq Haidari, Fariborz Gravindi and Mokhtar Haydary, have ended their hunger strike. The three, Kurdish refugees from Iran, have been heartened by the growing support for their fight against deportation from across Scotland and beyond. They were also strengthened by a protest in their support at the Scottish Parliament last week.

Strike is shaking bosses

27 March 2004
COUNCIL employers were clearly coming under pressure as the strike by nearly 5,000 nursery nurses in Scotland entered its fourth week on Monday. Seven local authorities, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, issued a joint statement saying they were prepared to come to local pay settlements with the nursery nurses. "Our reply to that is simple," the nursery nurses' Unison union convenor Carol Ball told Socialist Worker.

Health campaign

27 March 2004
UP TO 100 people joined an angry Mother's Day protest in Glasgow last Sunday against plans by the Greater Glasgow Health Board to close the Queen Mother's Maternity Unit at Yorkhill.

Scottish nursery nurses are determined to win

13 March 2004
A MAGNIFICENT 4,500-strong demonstration through Glasgow has kept the nursery nurses' all-out strike in the headlines across Scotland. The demo also blew a hole in employers' propaganda that the strike is losing public support and crumbling. Mary McIntyre from West Dunbartonshire, a nursery nurse for 20 years, told Socialist Worker on last Friday's march:

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