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'We were right to go on strike'

07 December 2002
STRIKING HEALTH workers at the Glasgow North Health Trust trust returned to work on Monday of this week after over three weeks of unofficial action. The low paid admin and clerical workers voted overwhelmingly to end their indefinite strike at a mass meeting.

I disobeyed order to break a strike

30 November 2002
I HAVE been watching the troops running Green Goddesses during the firefighters' strike. I used to be a squaddie many years ago. In 1975 the Labour government faced a strike over pay by dust workers in Glasgow.

Angry, defiant, and staying out

30 November 2002
ON THE same day as the firefighters' eight-day strike started, over 300 health workers at the Glasgow North Health Trust voted to continue their unofficial strike action. The strikers' mood was determined and defiant. One striker said, "We struck for a decent pay rise for all, and we shouldn't return until we get it."

Revolt spreads from the Clyde to the Mersey

23 November 2002
STRIKING NHS workers gathered at the windswept Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow, on Thursday of last week. Freezing rain did not dampen the spirit of the workers, who had gathered to lobby the NHS trust demanding an end to poverty pay.

'We'd all just had enough of waiting'

16 November 2002
"WILDCAT Chaos." That was the front page headline of the Daily Record, Scotland's biggest selling newspaper, on Friday of last week. It was responding to, and trying to vilify, the unofficial walkouts by hundreds of workers in Glasgow hospitals and the Glasgow underground. Clerical and administration workers in nine hospitals in North Glasgow NHS Trust, mainly women, walked out on Thursday and Friday. Around half the workers at Gartnavel Hospital had joined the strike by Monday of this week.

Crane workers' anger is rising

16 November 2002
CRANE DRIVERS stopped work at sites across Britain on Monday to hold protest meetings about their pay and conditions. Some 80 drivers attended in Wembley, London, and meetings took place at another five sites including Manchester and Glasgow.

Scottish lecturers

09 November 2002
OVER 1,000 college lecturers, teachers and other trade unionists marched through Glasgow last Saturday demanding the reinstatement of Jim O'Donovan. Jim is the president of the college lecturers' section of the EIS education union. He was sacked from Glasgow's Central College following a campaign of victimisation against union activists by the management.


02 November 2002
AROUND 700 people braved appalling weather to take part an inspiring protest last Saturday in Glasgow. Former Israeli army chief Shaul Mofaz, who led the repression of the second intifada, was blockaded inside a Glasgow hotel.

Haidi Giuliani tour

19 October 2002
OVER 450 people crammed into a Globalise Resistance and Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign hosted meeting on "Do we need a global intifada?" in Glasgow on Thursday of last week. The reception for Haidi Giuliani, the mother of Carlo Giuliani who was murdered by the police during the G8 protests in Genoa last year, was electric.


12 October 2002
SOME 3,000 people demonstrated outside Stobhill Hospital and Victoria Infirmary on Saturday of last week against Greater Glasgow Health Board's plans for health services in the city. The Victoria Infirmary in the south and Stobhill in the north of the city are both to lose their accident and emergency and inpatient services.

Govanhill pool

12 October 2002
A 16 year old Asian youth has escaped being sent to prison for his part in the campaign to save Govanhill Pool in Glasgow. The trial of Qasim Khan in Glasgow Sheriff Court saw a succession of police officers testify over eight days.

Transport from all over Britain

07 September 2002
CAMPAIGNERS in the Stop the War Coalition are uniting with local groups to get transport from across Britain to the 28 September demonstration. A 640-seat train is running through Glasgow and Edinburgh to the march. A further five coaches are booked from Edinburgh, and transport is organised from Greenock, Fife, Aberdeen and Dundee. In Runcorn, in the north west of England, and Bristol the postal workers' CWU union is running its own coaches to the demonstration. In Cardiff the CWU union has given £200 to help fund transport from the area. Around 100 coaches are booked from Birmingham. Around £10,000 has been raised to pay for billboard and newspaper adverts in the ru


07 September 2002
THE RESULT of an appeal hearing into the sacking of Jim O'Donovan from his lecturing job at Glasgow's Central College of Commerce will be heard this week. The college has targeted Jim, who is the national president of the EIS-CLA lecturers' union, and other union activists.

One fire it will be hard to put out

31 August 2002
OVER 2,000 firefighters and their supporters converged on Belfast from around Northern Ireland and Britain as the firefighters' campaign for decent pay hotted up last weekend. This latest Fire Brigades Union (FBU) demonstration had the same confident and vibrant spirit shown on previous demonstrations on the streets of London, Glasgow and other cities.

Low pay revolt now spreading

31 August 2002
"LISTEN TO the workers!" "Could you live on our pay?" These were some of the shouts which met Scottish health minister Malcolm Chisholm as his car swept into the Inverclyde Royal Hospital in Greenock, near Glasgow, on Friday of last week. Chisholm was officially welcomed by a row of suited hospital managers. But first he was challenged by a lively demonstration of over 100 angry and militant pickets, on their fifth day of an unofficial strike against low pay. The strike was continuing at the beginning of the week.


24 August 2002
OVER 200 people gathered outside Scotland's national football stadium, Hampden Park, in Glasgow on Friday of last week to protest at next month's under-21 football match between Scotland and Israel.

'We beat giants of privatisation'

24 August 2002
HUNDREDS OF health workers packed into a social club in the East End of Glasgow last Friday evening. The celebration had been organised to mark a stunning victory. Over 300 health workers at the city's Glasgow Royal Infirmary took on the multinational firm Sodexho, which runs support services at the hospital, and won.


17 August 2002
We're more angry than ever before THE ANTI-war mood in Glasgow and across Scotland is growing daily and not just among the usual suspects. For years the Muslim community has been considered quiet and respectable, playing little or no role in active politics.

Strikers sweep back Sodexho

17 August 2002
DEFIANT STRIKES by 300 workers at Glasgow Royal Infirmary have defeated Sodexho, a brutal multinational that operates in 72 countries. The inspiring news came through on Monday that six days of strikes had forced massive concessions from the firm.


10 August 2002
THE TRIALS have started of people who were arrested during the Govanhill pool protests in Glasgow last year. In an effort to stop the immensely popular pool from being closed by the city council, local people and their supporters occupied the facility. On 7 August last year sheriff officers backed by police began removing people from the building. People rushed on to the streets to protest and were eventually met by charges from mounted police.

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