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Surprise strikes by Scottish lawyers against SNP's aid cut

27 November 2012
Lawyers and solicitors in Scotland are taking unprecedented industrial action against cuts to legal aid. Lawyers in Glasgow struck on Tuesday of this week. More struck at Edinburgh’s sheriff court last month.

A new beginning for the left in Scotland?

27 November 2012
More than 800 people from across Scotland met in Glasgow last Saturday for a Radical Independence Conference. It was organised by a coalition of different left groups and individuals.

Glasgow Girls is a powerful tribute to working class spirit

13 November 2012
The "Glasgow Girls" of this play’s title were seven schoolgirls—four recently arrived refugees and three local teenagers—who shook the political establishment in 2005.

Unite the Resistance conference can bring our battles together

30 October 2012
The 20 October demonstrations against Tory cuts brought almost a quarter of a million onto the streets of London and Glasgow. They showed the continuing force of the anti-austerity movement. However they have left many asking where we go from here—and how we get there.

Thousands take to the streets to protest against cuts

23 October 2012
The biggest protests of the year took place in Britain last Saturday. You wouldn’t know it from the mainstream media, much of which failed to report the action. But around 200,000 people marched through London while up to 15,000 demonstrated in Glasgow. Another 10,000 protested in Belfast.

We've marched together... now strike together!

23 October 2012
The 200,000 people who marched in London last Saturday, and the thousands who demonstrated on the same day in Glasgow, are proof of the potential to defeat the Tories.

Refugee solidarity in Glasgow

23 October 2012
Protesters gathered at the sheriff court in Glasgow on Wednesday of last week to support refugees who the charity Y People has been trying to evict. In eight cases where refugees were defended, evictions were put off till December.

Class anger against cuts on streets of London, Glasgow and Belfast

20 October 2012
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Thousands join Scottish TUC march to say no to cuts

20 October 2012
The march of thousands in Glasgow has ended. The Scottish TUC is estimating that more than 10,000 people took part in the protest. Some marchers estimate that up to 15,000 demonstrated.

Demonstrators gather in Glasgow for protest march against cuts

20 October 2012
Protesters are gathering in Glasgow’s George Square for the Scottish TUC’s anti-austerity protest.

Reviews round-up

16 October 2012
World Spirit Forum theatre group Glasgow’s World Spirit Forum theatre group is seeking new members for an anti-racism project in schools. Its community theatre explores "integration" and the asylum process from the perspective of those experiencing it directly.

Civil service workers protest to save their nurseries

09 October 2012
HM Revenue and Customs bosses have agreed to extend the grant given to nurseries in East Kilbride, near Glasgow, and Cardiff following protests.

Take to the streets: demonstrate against the Tories on 20 October

09 October 2012
There is now just one week left to go until the TUC’s demonstration in London and the STUC’s in Glasgow on Saturday 20 October.

Remploy workers protest against George Osborne's visit to Glasgow

11 September 2012

Activist speaks out: Police tried to recruit me as an informer

04 September 2012
Police in Glasgow are searching out and harassing activists, hoping that some of them will become informers.

Remploy workers say: Our factories are not for sale

04 September 2012
Disabled workers at two Remploy factories in Chesterfield in Derbyshire and Springburn, Glasgow, struck this week.

Independence debate with Scottish TUC

04 September 2012
Some 200 trade unionists met in Glasgow last Saturday at a Scottish TUC conference organised to discuss the independence referendum, expected in 2014.

Remploy: after 27 closures, a week of strikes against sell-offs

28 August 2012
Disabled workers at Remploy in Chesterfield have announced a five-day strike starting on Monday of next week. Those at Springburn, Glasgow, were set to begin a four-day strike on the same day.

Blacklisting: Workers target Balfour's Glasgow HQ

28 August 2012
Some 40 workers protested outside the Scottish offices of construction firm Balfour Beatty in Hillington, Glasgow, on Friday of last week.

Protest over asylum seeker evictions in Glasgow

21 August 2012
About 70 people, including 20 refugees, joined a demonstration in Glasgow against refugees being made homeless by landlords Ypeople last Friday. Speakers included journalist Ako Zada and representatives from the UCU, FBU and Unison unions.

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