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Parents, children and teachers united against academies

Parents, children and teachers united against academies The first strike day against academisation at Avenue School in Newham, east London, took place on Wednesday of last week. Also: Reports from Charlton Park Academy in Greenwich, the Village School in Brent and Westways Primary School in Sheffield

Workers at Sheffield jobcentre shows the way to fight - others must join them

Workers at Sheffield jobcentre shows the way to fight - others must join them Workers at Sheffield Eastern Avenue jobcentre ended five days of strikes on Friday of last week.

PCS union members resist closure of a job centre office in Sheffield

PCS union members resist closure of a job centre office in Sheffield PCS members at Sheffield Eastern Avenue job centre are showing a clear determination to stop the closure of their office going ahead.

'Let's fight for more,' says Sheffield striker as bosses make offer in bin dispute

Lets fight for more, says Sheffield striker as bosses make offer in bin dispute Refuse workers employed by Veolia in Sheffield struck for half a day over pay on Tuesday.

Privatised staff fight back in Sheffield

Two strikes in outsourced council services are exposing the cost of privatisation in Sheffield.

Sheffield civil service workers ballot over office closure

Civil service workers in Sheffield have launched a strike ballot against plans to close their office, which threatens over 200 jobs.

Hillsborough campaigners call for cops to be punished

03 May 2016
South Yorkshire Police (SYP) is in crisis following the Hillsborough inquests. A jury last week found that 96 fans who died as a result of the 1989 football disaster were unlawfully killed. Former SYP chief superintendent David Duckenfield could face prosecution.

Revolt against council cuts looms in Glasgow

05 April 2016
Glasgow City Unison union is consulting 4,000 members for industrial action over the Labour-run council’s £130 million two-year cuts plan. The ballot ends on 26 April.

Reports round-up

05 January 2016
Cass Arts occupation ends over London Met campus cuts | Strike at Thirteen housing association group in Teesside | NSL Brighton traffic wardens vote for pay deal | South Yorkshire fire bosses face action over job cuts | Ballot end could bring library strike in Lambeth | Interpreters beat pay cut at Home Office | Strike votes at Trinity Mirror local newspapers | New ballot for Sheffield Green Company recycling workers | No to the Nazis in Dover

Hundreds-strong march in Sheffield to save steel jobs

24 November 2015
Around 500 steel workers marched through Sheffield last Saturday demanding government action to save jobs.

TUSC taps into anger at main parties’ austerity

21 April 2015
Parliamentary candidates for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) are building campaigns that are rooted in their communities—and based on fighting austerity.

Meet the real Roma people of Sheffield's Page Hall

26 November 2013
Politicians and the media have been peddling lurid horror stories about the Roma people of Page Hall in Sheffield. Sadie Robinson spoke to people about the reality

Racist EDL blocked in Sheffield for second week in a row

11 June 2013
All over Britain, anti-racists are challenging Islamophobia after the Woolwich attack. Annette Mackin reports from Sheffield where the racist EDL were blocked by a 2000-strong protest

Anti-fascists block EDL in Sheffield - again

09 June 2013
Over 2,000 people gathered in Sheffield city centre yesterday, Saturday, for a demonstration organised by Unite against Fascism (UAF) against the racist English Defence League (EDL).

John Sturrock's photos of the Battle of Orgreave, 18 June 1984

25 October 2012
A critical moment in the Great Miners’ Strike came on 18 June 1984 when police attacked miners picketing the Orgreave coking plant near Sheffield.

The class contempt that killed 96

18 September 2012
Liverpool football fans died because government and police refused to treat them as human beings." That’s what Socialist Worker said after the disaster at Hillsborough, Sheffield Wednesday’s football ground, in April 1989—and that was the truth.

Rolling strikes over Sheffield job cuts

04 September 2012
Workers at five recycling sites in Sheffield struck last weekend over job cuts.

Anti-Atos protests take to streets of Manchester and Sheffield

29 August 2012
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Sheffield council workers strike over wages

21 August 2012
Some 100 workers at Sheffield council struck over pay on Friday of last week. The GMB, Unite and Ucatt union members work as electricians, mechanics and in other craft trades.

Marches in Oxford and Sheffield gear up for autumn

17 July 2012
Up to 200 trade unionists and anti-cuts campaigners joined a march in Oxford last Saturday. It was called by Oxfordshire NUT and NASUWT unions.

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