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Journey from Kashmir to the steel mills of South Yorkshire

26 February 2005
Faultlines — Tales from Kashmir and Rotherham26 Februrary Carlisle Business Centre, Bradford 10 April St Peter’s Community Centre, Sheffield For details of other venues phone 01709 367 287

How I have organised in my hospital

05 February 2005
HEALTH WORKERS in one Sheffield hospital have formed a pensions action group to plan and build a range of activities over the coming weeks and months.

Defend Asylum Seekers

04 December 2004
AROUND 100 people attended a social event organised by Sheffield Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers (CDAS) last Saturday afternoon.

‘My friend died on a site. I won’t ignore safety issues’

13 October 2004
Steel erector Garry Jackson is one of two workers who have been sacked for raising health and safety concerns at the incinerator construction site on Bernard Road in Sheffield.

Refugee protests

28 August 2004
MORE than 150 people marched through Sheffield last Saturday in support of a Kurdish asylum seeker who had been on hunger strike for over 40 days.

In brief

21 August 2004
Follow Sheffield’s route to victory DRIVERS ON First Group buses in Bristol have narrowly voted to accept an improved pay deal.

Victory for bus strike

14 August 2004
WORKERS AT First Group buses in Sheffield and South Yorkshire have won a major victory after three weeks of indefinite strike action.

Networking the picket lines

07 August 2004
ALAN FROM Sheffield shows how Socialist Worker sales can link together struggles by groups of striking workers:

Thousands walk out in civil service strike

08 May 2004
THOUSANDS OF civil servants have defied anti-union laws to unofficially walk out of work in the last two weeks against a management offensive. The action was sparked by management suspending 28 union members for refusing to carry out a performance-related pay assessment scheme. The one-day walkouts took place in Scarborough, the Glasgow Appeals Service and Sheffield on Thursday of last week, and Manchester Rusholme social security office on Friday.

How the jigsaw can fit together

10 April 2004
THIS WEEK Socialist Worker sellers in Sheffield realised what it means to sell a paper that is at the heart of the movement. They sent this report about how sales and campaigning and solidarity fitted together last week:

Unite Against Fascism

13 March 2004
COMMUNITY leaders, trade unionists and faith groups joined forces at a Unite Against Fascism conference in Sheffield last Saturday to discuss how to counter the threat of the Nazi BNP in the city. They heard from an array of speakers, including world champion boxing coach Brendan Ingle, himself an immigrant from Ireland.

Brian Wilson, 1949-2004

07 February 2004
Socialists in Sheffield felt a great loss last week on hearing of the death of Brian Wilson. A born fighter, Brian led an inspired campaign to save homes on the Shirecliffe estate-protesting on the rooftops, blocking streets and leading a town hall invasion.

Willam Cook's strikers

07 February 2004
BOB McNEILL, Mark Crossland and Eddie Grimes, who are taking part in Britain's longest running industrial dispute, travelled to London on Thursday of last week to attend their bosses' appeal at the Employment Appeal Tribunal offices. They were part of a group of workers in the Amicus union at the William Cook's foundry in Sheffield who were told not to return to work after striking for one day in April 2001. They have been campaigning since.

Sheffield sales are the full Monty

31 January 2004
THE NEW mood in workplaces across Britain is shown well by the experience in one city-Sheffield.

Small office, but very big sale

13 December 2003
SHARON FROM Sheffield has news of a great response to the paper at a local civil service office.


01 November 2003
Sheffield SOME 110 people came to a Sheffield Coalition Against Racism meeting at Sheffield town hall on Friday of last week. Since the local elections in May, when the Nazi BNP polled 18 percent in Brightside and 11 percent in Handsworth, there has been a desire to see united opposition to the Nazis in Sheffield.

HSBC bank in the rush to the bottom

25 October 2003
BANKING giant HSBC has become the latest multinational to announce plans to move jobs overseas. Some 4,000 jobs will be axed from its call centres in Swansea, Birmingham, Brentwood and Sheffield, and transferred to call centres in India, China and Malaysia.


13 September 2003
NUJ UNION members on the Sheffield Star have named dates when they could call mandatory chapel (branch) meetings after voting for industrial action in a ballot over pay. The dates are on every day in the week beginning 22 September and the meetings can take place at any time between 7am and 3pm. In the ballot 80 percent voted for a strike.


06 September 2003
JOURNALISTS WORKING for newspapers in Sheffield have voted for industrial action over pay.


12 July 2003
SHEFFIELD: More than 300 people attended a public rally with George Galloway last week, called by Sheffield Stop the War Coalition and supported by Sheffield trades council amongst others. Phil Turner

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