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Iraq—bring the troops home public meetings

25 September 2004
Birmingham: with Tony Benn, Salma Yaqoob (Birmingham Stop the War Coalition), George Monbiot (campaigner and writer) and John Rees (Stop the War Coalition), 7.30pm, Friday 24 September, Irish Centre, 14-20 High Street, Digbeth (near Digbeth coach station).

A history of injustices

14 August 2004
"FOR OVER 16 years we have been used as political scapegoats. The police told us from the start they knew we hadn’t done it." Paddy Hill one of the Birmingham Six—a group wrongly convicted of terrorist bombing—on his release in March 1991


14 August 2004
TEN WOMEN shop workers at Cadbury World in Birmingham have won their fight for pay parity with Cadbury factory shop staff.

Respect’s votes have made history

07 August 2004
THE VOTES received by Respect in the Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill by-elections (Socialist Worker, 24 July) really put Respect on the map.


31 July 2004
Saturday 31 July Agenda for Change: is this the deal we want? Special meeting organised by Health Worker, the rank and file paper for all NHS workers, 1.15-5pm, Carrs Lane Church Centre Birmingham (near New Street tube). Registration £6.

Respect strategy to build on its by-election successes

24 July 2004
RESPECT’S national executive met on Saturday to plan a strategy for building on the by-election successes in Leicester and Birmingham.

The results that put Respect on the map

24 July 2004
RESPECT’S RESULTS in the Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill by-elections have rocked the political establishment.

'We make a difference'

17 July 2004
THE MAINSTREAM parties were all desperately scrambling for every vote as campaigning drew to a close in the Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill by-elections this week.

You can help build Respect’s vote

03 July 2004
Every Socialist Worker reader should get involved in the campaigns in Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill. Activists can join the campaign at any time but Respect is organising for supporters to come together in large numbers from around the country.

'Every day counts in these by-elections'

03 July 2004
NEW LABOUR has called snap by-elections in Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill for 15 July. The government is desperate to minimise the damage to its vote.

'Build on successes we've had'

19 June 2004
In Birmingham and other areas Respect got a significant vote. Activists explain why

Euro Packaging

10 June 2004
THE BITTER dispute at Euro Packaging in Birmingham ended last week with mixed emotions among the strikers. There was a feeling of triumph and achievement at achieving union recognition in the teeth of ruthless opposition from a hardline boss.

A demand for Respect

05 June 2004
Workers at the Euro Packaging factory in Birmingham have organised a series of strikes against low pay and bullying managers, and now they've voted to go all out. Some of the strikers and Respect candidate Salma Yaqoob spoke to Salma Iqbal about the dispute.

Save manufacturing jobs

27 May 2004
AROUND 500 manufacturing workers marched through Birmingham on Saturday on a march called by the TGWU, GMB, Amicus and other trade unions. They were marching to protest against the decline of manufacturing industry. Contingents from Land Rover, Vauxhall, Alstom and other workplaces in the Midlands marched behind their union banners.

Bitter battle in Brum

27 May 2004
WORKERS AT Euro Packaging in Birmingham are continuing with their industrial action over low pay, long working hours, union recognition and threatened redundancies. Joint managing director Shabir Majid provoked further outrage in a meeting last week by announcing a total of 80 redundancies out of a workforce of 180. Workers were told that the remaining 100 would have greater job security by severing ties with their GPMU union.

Paper sale has created network

27 May 2004
CAROLINE IS a Unison shop steward in Birmingham. She works at a small day centre for people with learning difficulties. Because she has a network of regular paper readers around her she was able to organise a workplace meeting recently at short notice.

22 May 2004
WORKERS AT EURO Packaging in Birmingham began a three-day strike on Tuesday this week. This follows their first strike two weeks ago. Workers at the plastic bag factory are demanding a cut in working hours, union recognition, the reinstatement of those unfairly sacked, and the removal of the threat of further redundancies.

Workers in battle to win dignity

15 May 2004
\"THEY TREAT us like slaves. It is almost criminal.\" Those were the words of one striking worker at the Euro Packaging factory in Highgate, Birmingham. In the first week of a 48-hour walkout and overtime ban, expected to last for the next eight weeks, up to 200 workers walked out over poor pay, working conditions and threatened redundancies.

Our choc pay shock

08 May 2004
TEN WOMEN workers at Cadbury World are threatening to strike in a dispute which could see pickets on the gates of the Birmingham tourist attraction. The workers run one of the shops at Cadbury World and were horrified to discover that they are paid £2 an hour less than men who work at the shop across the road from them. Cadbury has ignored the problem for two years.

Follow this campaign plan

01 May 2004
AS OPPOSITION mounts to the presence of troops in Iraq last Saturday's national council of the Stop the War Coalition decided to focus campaigning energies on opposing the continuing occupation. Some 65 representatives from local groups, who met in Birmingham, decided the following:

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