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Big march for choice in Dublin

The biggest ever pro-choice protest in Dublin took place last Saturday after the death of Savita Halappanavar.


Occupation victory for La Senza shop workers La Senza shop workers at the Liffey Valley shopping centre in Dublin courageously occupied their workplace—and won. This victory sets an example to follow for retail workers who want to fight back.

Video of La Senza shop occupation in Dublin, Ireland

Workers at La Senza are occupying at the company’s store in Dublin’s Liffey Valley shopping centre. Some 1,300 workers in Britain and Ireland were left without a job when the company went into administration on Monday.

La Senza workers occupy Dublin shop

Workers at La Senza are occupying at the company’s store in Dublin’s Liffey Valley shopping centre. Some 1,300 workers in Britain and Ireland were left without a job when the company went into administration on Monday.

Light falls on shadowy world

Former British intelligence officer Ian Hurst said he was shown evidence that his emails were intercepted and later faxed to the News of the World’s Dublin office.

More News of the World links to the police

A former Dublin-based News of the World journalist was working for Scotland Yard while employed by the paper.

Video of student protest in Dublin

04 November 2010
Video of the mass student march in Dublin on Wednesday 3 November 2010

Protest at Blair's Tate Modern book launch party

06 September 2010
Tony Blair today cancelled his book-signing event at Waterstone’s in central London, in fear that hundreds of protesters would wreck it. This followed a militant anti-war protest against a similar event in Dublin last Saturday.

Spirit of Greece comes to Dublin as 2,000 march on parliament

13 May 2010
Two thousand people braved lashing rain to march to the Dail (parliament) in Dublin, southern Ireland, on Tuesday to protest at the Bank Bail-Out.

The Hostage

02 February 2010
It’s Ireland 1958 and a young IRA man is sentenced to death by the British. The IRA reply by taking a British soldier hostage and bringing him to a squalid Dublin boarding house.

Dublin Marine Terminals strike in eighth week

01 September 2009
Dockers in Dublin are into to the eighth week of strike action against job cuts at one of Whittakers’ companies, Marine Terminals Limited (MTL).

Brutal police assault on Thomas Cook workers in Dublin

04 August 2009
bosses and the Irish government have launched an appalling assault on workers fighting for their jobs.

Protest in solidarity with Thomas Cook occupiers

02 August 2009
Workers in occupation at two travel agents shops in Dublin are asking for urgent protests outside Thomas Cook shops in Britain in solidarity with their struggle.

Thomas Cook occupation spreads to second shop: worker speaks

01 August 2009
The Dublin branch of Direct Holidays, a sister shop to the Thomas Cook office occupied yesterday, has also gone into occupation.

New occupation against redundancies in Dublin: a voice from inside

31 July 2009
Twenty workers have occupied a Thomas Cook travel agents shop in Dublin after they were told they were being sacked with immediate effect.

Child abuse that links the Catholic Church and Irish state

26 May 2009
The report of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, published in Dublin last week, is the map of an Irish hell. In devastating detail it reveals the systematic abuse of tens of thousands of children perpetuated by the Catholic Church – with the knowledge and collusion of the state.

Ireland shows the way to resist the recession

24 February 2009
Anger at the Irish government's response to the recession erupted onto the streets of Dublin last Saturday.

Video of Waterford Crystal workers occupying the receiver’s offices in Dublin

04 February 2009
Workers from the Waterford Crystal occupation occupy the head office of the company’s receiver Deloitte and Touche in Dublin, Wednesday 4 February 2009


09 December 2008
We need the Irish spirit over here Tens of thousands of teachers, parents and students protested in Dublin last Saturday against the Irish government’s plans to make cutbacks in the education budget.

James Connolly: a socialist rebel against the empire

24 June 2008
On 12 May 1916, James Connolly was shot by a British army firing squad for helping to lead the Dublin Easter Rising. His execution shocked the labour movement across the world.

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