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Lothian bus workers strike

06 August 2005
A 48-hour strike by Lothian bus workers last weekend was 100 percent solid. Large picket lines were formed at Edinburgh’s bus depots on both days despite some torrential rain on Saturday.

Peace vigils across Britain

16 July 2005
Around 70 people attended a peace vigil in Edinburgh on Friday of last week after the London bombings.

Stop the War at Edinburgh

09 July 2005
On Sunday night around 2,000 people marched through the centre of Edinburgh to take part in the Stop the War Coalition’s demonstration against the occupation of Iraq.

Eight men won’t change the world, but we can

09 July 2005
The preparations began months ago — long before Bob Geldof woke from his long sleep. Trade unionists, anti-capitalists, members of churches and community organisations, activists of every sort booked their coaches and agitated with those around them to come to Edinburgh on 2 July in a massive protest against the G8.

Dennis Brutus — Don’t get duped again

09 July 2005
I’m glad to be a part of this historic occasion which, as I’m sure you all know, is part of a much larger series of events taking place here in Edinburgh and in Gleneagles.

Voices from the Iraqi wilderness

09 July 2005
Sheikh Majid al-Gaood of the Duleim tribe from Ramadi, Iraq, joined the thousands demonstrating against the G8 in Edinburgh last weekend.

Military wing of neo-liberalism

03 July 2005
The Make Poverty History protest in Edinburgh on Saturday was the biggest demonstration in Scottish history — by a long way.

Anger at IMF and World Bank

03 July 2005
Many African activists were on the Edinburgh protest. Ken is a student at Imperial College in London, but he grew up in Nigeria where he was involved in struggles against the military dictatorship.

School students join the demo

03 July 2005
The Make Poverty History campaign has struck a chord with young people, who turned out in large numbers for Saturday’s demonstration in Edinburgh.

A coalition against the new global order

03 July 2005
A huge white human chain snaked through the streets of Edinburgh for Saturday’s demonstration.

‘We must apply pressure and force the G8 to act’

03 July 2005
By train, plane, bus and car protesters came to Edinburgh. Nadia Fisher travelled by coach from Southampton — a journey of ten hours.

‘We are here to fight, not beg’ — Africa in revolt against the G8

02 July 2005
I am coming from Johannesburg to Edinburgh to be part of the movement confronting the G8 leaders. People from across the world will stand together in solidarity—fighting the battle to end poverty and exploitation.

G8 Diary

02 July 2005
Friday 1 JulyG8 Alternatives opening rally5.30pm, Queens Hall, Edinburgh University. Speakers include Dennis Brutus, Haidi Giuliani, Bill Speirs, Mark Ruskell, Trevor Ngwane, Eamonn McCann.International Socialist Tendency meeting7.30pm, Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh EH9. Speakers include Petros Constantinou from Greece’s SEK, Chris Bambery from Socialist Worker, and a speaker from Spain’s En Lucha.

The radical history of Edinburgh

02 July 2005
Welcome to Edinburgh for the biggest political demonstration this city has ever seen. We will be making history here in July amid strong dissenting traditions.

Portuguese revolutionaries found solidarity in Britain

25 June 2005
British workers were very active in providing solidarity for Portuguese workers before and during the revolution. Bruno Ponte and Clara Queiroz were Portuguese exiles from fascism living in Edinburgh before the 1974 revolution.

Everyone should be heading to G8 protests in Edinburgh

11 June 2005
Bob Geldof’s call last week for one million people to protest at the G8 summit in July has focused attention back on the demands for 100 percent Third World debt cancellation, and more and better aid.

Edinburgh says ‘We’ll welcome you’ to G8 protestors

11 June 2005
As Scotland gears up for the G8 summit there has been a huge build up in momentum for the protests in Edinburgh and Gleneagles.

Outlining a better world

04 June 2005
The G8 Alternatives summit will take place in various venues in Edinburgh on Sunday 3 July. From 10am to 9pm speakers from all over the world will present a serious ideological challenge to the corrupt and bankrupt policies of the G8 in eight plenary sessions and over 30 workshops.

Momentum grows for Gleneagles protest

04 June 2005
The former Bishop of Edinburgh, Richard Holloway, has added his voice to those supporting the right to march past Gleneagles Hotel when the G8 summit opens on 6 July.

Stop the War demo part of the anti-G8 protests

04 June 2005
The anti-war movement scored a big victory in Scotland last week. It overturned a decision by Scottish police to ban a Stop the War Coalition rally set to take place after the Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh on 2 July.

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