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Edinburgh activists keep pressure on council

08 November 2011
Over 70 anti-privatisation campaigners met in Edinburgh on Tuesday of last week.

Edinburgh battle halts privatisation

01 November 2011
The campaign to halt privatisation of council services in Edinburgh scored a major victory on Thursday of last week.

Students occupy Edinburgh university

17 September 2011
Students are occupying Edinburgh university against tuition fees.

Keep the racist SDL out of Edinburgh

13 September 2011
The Scottish Defence League (SDL)—an offshoot of the racist EDL—was run out of Edinburgh last Saturday by a counter-protest of around 400 people organised by Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

Edinburgh trams U-turn

06 September 2011
Edinburgh councillors have voted for the delayed tram link from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrews Square to go ahead. This is despite the rocketing costs paid to private contractor Bilfinger Berger.

Victory against privatisation in Edinburgh

23 August 2011
Campaigners in Edinburgh have won a victory in the fight against the proposed largest privatisation of council services in the city’s history.


16 August 2011
Now playing as part of the Edinburgh Festival, Dust imagines a day in 2011 when Margaret Thatcher has died.

Scottish protesters blockade Atos

10 May 2011
The third national week of action against Atos got off to a flying start in Edinburgh on Monday.

Students demonstrate in Edinburgh

22 March 2011

Edinburgh students occupy to support striking lecturers

17 March 2011
Around 50 students have occupied the human resources building in Edinburgh university in solidarity with striking lecturers.

Boycott at Heriot-Watt University

01 March 2011
Lecturers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh began boycotting a new performance appraisal scheme on Monday of this week.

Blindcraft workers refuse hours cut

08 February 2011
Workers at bed workshop Blindcraft in Edinburgh have voted overwhelmingly to reject a proposal for a three-day week.

Reports from a national day of protest against Vodafone

30 October 2010
We have reports of protests in Sheffield and Edinburgh, as well as those listed below. Protesters held picnics outside several stores.

The fight is on to stop Tory cuts

26 October 2010
Anger at the Tories’ vicious assault on our services and jobs erupted onto the streets last Saturday as tens of thousands protested across the country—from Edinburgh to Bristol.

Saturday protests against the government’s spending review cuts, 23 October 2010

23 October 2010
Scotland Over 25,000 trade unionists, campaigners, pensioners, students and disabled and unemployed people took to the streets in Edinburgh today against the cuts.

Which way forward for the climate movement?

24 August 2010
Environmental activists descended on the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in Edinburgh on Thursday of last week.

Chance for climate movement to shine

17 August 2010
Chance for climate movement to shine

Climate campers target oil bankers

17 August 2010
The annual Climate Camp starts in Edinburgh this week. It will attract thousands of activists to protest at the destruction of our planet.

The £1 billion hospital we won’t own

27 July 2010
The NHS will pay a total of £1.26 billion for the privately-built Edinburgh Royal Infirmary—but not own it.

NHS Lothian to slash 700 jobs

13 July 2010
NHS Lothian, which includes Edinburgh, is planning £31 million in cuts.

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