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Tesco Livingston strike called off

05 June 2007
The Unite union called off a strike involving Tesco distribution drivers in Livingston, near Edinburgh, set for Tuesday of this week.

Tesco distribution drivers' strike at Livingston rocks the multinational

29 May 2007
A three day strike by over 100 Tesco distribution drivers at Livingston, near Edinburgh, rocked the multinational last week.

Tesco drivers strike looks inevitable in Scotland

11 May 2007
Strike action by nearly one hundred and fifty Tesco distribution drivers at Livingston near Edinburgh now looks inevitable after the company’s senior managers told the recently merged Unite (T&G and Amicus) union that they intend to derecognise the union.

Bus drivers say no to veil ban

08 May 2007
Members of the T&G union at Lothian Buses in Edinburgh have spoken out against a new rule instructing them to ask women wearing a veil to show their faces if they are using a bus pass.

Tesco drivers 96 percent vote for strike

03 May 2007
Tesco distribution drivers at Livingston near Edinburgh have voted in overwhelming numbers to take industrial action, including strike action.

Black Watch | Fallujah

10 April 2007
Black WatchWritten by Gregory Burke, Directed by John Tiffanynow touring This play about British soldiers from the Black Watch regiment posted to the south of Iraq was a huge critical hit at last year’s Edinburgh Festival.

Postal workers stand up to bullying bosses

31 March 2007
Edinburgh Up to 500 postal workers walked out on unofficial strike at Edinburgh’s mail centre last weekend in a dispute over new working practices and management bullying.

Anger at plans to close Edinburgh's Meadowbank Stadium

24 March 2007
Over 600 angry local people and athletes attended a recent public meeting inside the Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh to voice their anger at the politicians that are supposed to represent them.

Farepak victims take on the fat cats at Christmas

16 December 2006
A furious protest by victims of the Farepak collapse took place on Monday of this week outside the Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) head office in Edinburgh as a champagne reception took place.

Cleaners mop up at Lancaster

16 December 2006
Lancaster Office Cleaning Company has caved in to a campaign by cleaners and their supporters in London and Edinburgh demanding union recognition and a living wage.

Fury at bosses who stole Xmas

09 December 2006
On Monday evening top bankers, bosses and politicians will be sipping champagne at a reception to celebrate the plush refurbishment of the Edinburgh head office of Halifax Bank Of Scotland (HBOS).

Children of Men | Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair | Homestead

07 October 2006
Children of MenDirected by Alfonso CuaronIn cinemas now Don’t let the fact that this film is based on a book by the Tory novelist PD James put you off going to see it. I found it incredibly moving.

Black Watch: telling the truth about soldiers’ experiences in Iraq

02 September 2006
Black Watch was the play that took the Edinburgh festival by storm.

Scotland’s movement broadens and radicalises

19 August 2006
Around 7,000 protesters took to the streets of Edinburgh last Saturday to show their anger at the Israeli assault on Lebanon.

Demonstrations around Britain against Israel's continued attacks on Lebanon

12 August 2006
Edinburgh There was a festival of resistance alongside the arts festival in Edinburgh as 7,000 people marched through the city against Israel's attack on Lebanon. Marchers of all ages and religions waved placards and flags, accompanied by a range of trade union banners. Children's shoes were left outside the US consulate on Regent Terrace to commemorate the high proportion of children killed by Israeli bombing.

Edinburgh Festival 2006 preview

05 August 2006
The Edinburgh Festival presents so many shows that choosing what to see can be like trying to find a a in a haystack. Nevertheless, some shows come with such a strong track record, or are just so intriguing, that they jump out of the programme.

Edinburgh Art Festival celebrates the work of Van Gogh

15 July 2006
The season of Edinburgh festivals kicks off with the art festival. The galleries in the cities have organised an impressive selection of work including painting, sculpture and visual media.

Reports round-up

01 July 2006
Civil liberties Some 25 people protested outside Birmingham airport last Saturday as part of a national day of protests against the use of British airports for extraordinary rendition flights, where people kidnapped by the CIA are flown to Guantanamo and other illegal detention facilities. Protests also took place in London and in Edinburgh, where former British ambassador Craig Murray was among the 30 protesters.

Court jails SSP policy coordinator

27 May 2006
Alan McCombes, the Scottish Socialist Party’s policy coordinator, was jailed today for refusing to hand confidential documents to the court of session in Edinburgh. The judge jailed McCombes until 6 June to reconsider his position, saying that the court’s instructions should take precendence over his loyalty to the SSP. She also granted a warrant to search any neccessary properties to find the documents. It is regrettable that this has been allowed to happen in a crucial year for the SSP who are atttempting to rebuild support in the run up to the Scottish elections in 2007. The court is seeking the documents in relation to Tommy Sheridan’s ongoing libel action against the News of the Worl

Edinburgh tenants tell how they fought off privatisation

11 February 2006
Tenants, trade unionists and councillors from around the country were set to attend a mass lobby of parliament on Wednesday of this week to protest against the government’s policy of handing council homes to private companies.

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