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Why read Lenin today?

09 December 2008
About 40 years ago, an ageing relative gave me a leaflet from 1925. Under the heading "Lenin Lives!" it urged us to "come en masse" to New York’s Madison Square Garden for a Sunday afternoon event.

Exit Ghost - Philip Roth

23 September 2008
The ageing and ill Nathan Zuckerman, the acclaimed US writer Philip Roth’s alter-ego, returns to New York in November 2004, just before George Bush’s re-election.

Mad Men DVD

24 June 2008
Mad Men is a fascinating look at the changing social and cultural face of the US in the 1960s through the prism of an advertising agency in New York.

Immortal Technique: radical rapper takes on the ‘American dream’

10 June 2008
"Imperialism is sponsored by corporations – that’s why Halliburton gets paid to rebuild nations," is a line typical of Immortal Technique, the New York based MC who combines the anger of the early hip-hop era with hard hitting political lyrics that set him apart from most rappers today.

Shocking instability that is built into capitalism

18 March 2008
How big a mess is capitalism in? In February when New York economist Nouriel Roubini suggested $1,000-2,000 billion in losses in the financial sector alone, mainstream commentators thought he was mad.

Waged London: photographer Larry Herman on his new project

04 March 2008
Larry Herman was born in New York, and moved to Britain during the Vietnam War. Since then he has lived in Glasgow and Sheffield, but mostly in London.

Michael Clayton

09 October 2007
This film sees George Clooney playing an Irish-American former district attorney whose invaluable freelance fixing helps keep a big New York law firm on the rails.

Sexual liberation and the Russian Revolution

20 January 2007
The modern gay rights movement began in 1969 with the Stonewall riots in New York.

Will Democrat win bring change?

18 November 2006
The New York Times carried a wonderful report of how Hashim al-Menti brought the news of Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation as US defence secretary to the group of US Marines occupying his house in Iraq’s Anbar province. "Rumsfeld is gone," he said. One of the Marines replied, "Who’s Rumsfeld?"

Questions after 40 year sentence for Dhiren Barot

18 November 2006
Dhiren Barot was sentenced to at least 40 years in prison last week for what the judge said were "plans to bring indiscriminate carnage, bloodshed and butchery first in Washington, New York and Newark, and thereafter the UK on a colossal and unprecedented scale".

When Orson Welles and Macbeth went to Harlem

11 November 2006
For several weeks in 1936, people walking around the Harlem area of New York would have come across the word Macbeth cryptically daubed in glowing paints on every street corner.

Anti-war marchers in US say troops home now

06 May 2006
Hundreds of thousands marched through New York City (NYC) last Saturday in a demonstration for peace, justice, and democracy. Marchers demanded that the US pull its troops out of Iraq and protested against the possibility of a war in Iran.

From gay liberation to pressure group politics

11 March 2006
In 1969 the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) seemed to come out of the blue. It was a movement born from a riot after police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York.

Now US kills children in Pakistan

21 January 2006
An act of cold-blooded murder. Not one Western leader would dispute that if it were 18 innocent people in London or New York who were blown apart in the early hours of last Friday.

How the internet bloggers broke the story

07 January 2006
The Times, the Scotsman, the BBC, the New York Times, the Daily Telegraph, ABC News, Al Jazeera, the Los Angeles Times, the Sydney Morning Herald... these are just a few of the mainstream publications that have now covered the release of Craig Murray’s documents.

Angela Davis

03 December 2005
In October 2004, the Not In My Name US anti-war coalition took out a full page advert in the New York Times condemning the war in Iraq.

UN summit has failed the world’s poorest people

24 September 2005
The United Nations (UN) summit in New York last week utterly failed the world’s poorest people. Leaders have dashed hopes and squandered opportunities — and empty promises cost lives.

Police attack Cindy Sheehan meeting

24 September 2005
New York police attacked a 150-strong rally addressed by Cindy Sheehan on Monday. Sheehan who lost a son in Iraq, has become a prominent figure in the US anti-war movement.

Glimpsing a better world at the G8 protests

16 July 2005
Britain over the past fortnight has gone through in a highly concentrated form the experience of the movement against global capitalism. Our movement went through the protests in Seattle in November 1999 through the attacks on New York and Washington on 11 September 2001 to the great anti-war marches.

Vietnam — the war that won’t end

30 April 2005
The front page news in New York City last week was former senator Bob Kerrey’s announcement that he was considering a campaign for mayor next year against incumbent Michael Bloomberg. Kerrey (not to be confused with fellow Democrat John Kerry) is a famous war hero — winner of the Congressional Medal of Honour, the US’s highest military decoration.

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