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When Orson Welles and Macbeth went to Harlem

11 November 2006
For several weeks in 1936, people walking around the Harlem area of New York would have come across the word Macbeth cryptically daubed in glowing paints on every street corner.

Anti-war marchers in US say troops home now

06 May 2006
Hundreds of thousands marched through New York City (NYC) last Saturday in a demonstration for peace, justice, and democracy. Marchers demanded that the US pull its troops out of Iraq and protested against the possibility of a war in Iran.

From gay liberation to pressure group politics

11 March 2006
In 1969 the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) seemed to come out of the blue. It was a movement born from a riot after police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York.

Now US kills children in Pakistan

21 January 2006
An act of cold-blooded murder. Not one Western leader would dispute that if it were 18 innocent people in London or New York who were blown apart in the early hours of last Friday.

How the internet bloggers broke the story

07 January 2006
The Times, the Scotsman, the BBC, the New York Times, the Daily Telegraph, ABC News, Al Jazeera, the Los Angeles Times, the Sydney Morning Herald... these are just a few of the mainstream publications that have now covered the release of Craig Murray’s documents.

Angela Davis

03 December 2005
In October 2004, the Not In My Name US anti-war coalition took out a full page advert in the New York Times condemning the war in Iraq.

Police attack Cindy Sheehan meeting

24 September 2005
New York police attacked a 150-strong rally addressed by Cindy Sheehan on Monday. Sheehan who lost a son in Iraq, has become a prominent figure in the US anti-war movement.

UN summit has failed the world’s poorest people

24 September 2005
The United Nations (UN) summit in New York last week utterly failed the world’s poorest people. Leaders have dashed hopes and squandered opportunities — and empty promises cost lives.

Glimpsing a better world at the G8 protests

16 July 2005
Britain over the past fortnight has gone through in a highly concentrated form the experience of the movement against global capitalism. Our movement went through the protests in Seattle in November 1999 through the attacks on New York and Washington on 11 September 2001 to the great anti-war marches.

Vietnam — the war that won’t end

30 April 2005
The front page news in New York City last week was former senator Bob Kerrey’s announcement that he was considering a campaign for mayor next year against incumbent Michael Bloomberg. Kerrey (not to be confused with fellow Democrat John Kerry) is a famous war hero — winner of the Congressional Medal of Honour, the US’s highest military decoration.

Kurt Weill’s Venus says we’re more than just consumers

12 March 2005
One Touch of Venus tells the story of the Roman goddess of love coming to life again in 20th century New York. It is not altogether surprising that a new British production of this forgotten 1940s musical is enjoying the sort of success that it originally achieved on Broadway.

Malcolm X: ‘Show me a capitalist and I’ll show you a bloodsucker’

25 February 2005
Malcolm X was gunned down on 21 February 1965 as he addressed a political rally in Harlem, New York. The entire US establishment heaved a sigh of relief. The New York Times’ editorial the day after Malcolm’s murder said:

Storm over secret US plan to attack Iran

22 January 2005
AS AMERICA’S rich and powerful party in Washington, celebrating George W Bush’s presidential inauguration, the White House is preparing to extend its war to Iran. Award-winning journalist Seymour Hersh revealed in the New Yorker this week that US special forces have been operating in Iran since at least last summer, identifying possible targets. Rather than deny the report, the Pentagon tried to rubbish Hersh’s reporting.

The shaky foundations of NHS plan

30 October 2004
THE real face of New Labour’s "modernisation" of the NHS was revealed last week as a firm of hard-nosed New York based business troubleshooters was brought in to sort out the growing financial crisis at the first failing foundation trust.

News in Brief

23 October 2004
Prison guards reveal torture US GUARDS subjected detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp to torture, ex-workers at the camp have admitted. In interviews for the New York Times military guards, intelligence agents and others revealed the horrific treatment dished out to detainees.

Who says?

23 October 2004
"Congress was right to give the president the authority to use force to hold Saddam Hussein accountable... We must do everything in our power to complete the mission and get the job done." John Kerry, Democratic presidential candidate speaking on foreign policy at New York University earlier this month

They send workers to kill

23 October 2004
THERE IS a scene in the film Gangs of New York where one of America’s elite worries about the riots against the draft during the American Civil War of the 1860s.

Punk funk from the left

02 October 2004
Radio 4, from New York, came to prominence with their second album Gotham in 2002.

‘Surely the British want to see Bush go too?’

04 September 2004
FOR MANY natives of the city the opportunity to stroll the car-free streets of New York was a delight.

Vietnam veterans join march against Bush

04 September 2004
VETERANS AND serving members of the US armed forces joined this week’s protests at the Republican convention in New York.

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