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Movement goes from strength to strength

04 January 2003
Against capital and against war COMMENTATORS declared the anti-capitalist movement dead at the start of the year. How wrong they were. In February 70,000 gathered at the second World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and 20,000 marched in New York, at one point chanting, "George Bush is a terrorist."

Remember all of the victims

07 September 2002
THE GOVERNMENT is pushing for a minute's silence to mark the anniversary of the 11 September attacks next Wednesday. People will want to mark the pain and anguish of a day which saw almost 3,000 people killed in New York. But Tony Blair has his own agenda. He wants to exploit the anniversary to boost support for Bush's plans to launch war on Iraq.

US ships arms to blast Iraq

24 August 2002
THE UNITED States has accelerated its military build-up in the Gulf. According to the New York Times the US Pentagon has hired ten cargo ships to transport helicopters, armoured vehicles and other weapons in preparation for an attack on Iraq.

Is this what Bush defends?

24 August 2002
ONE DEATH will be forgotten in the commemorations by the New York authorities of the events of 11 September. Jason-Eric Wilson was 16 years old when he killed himself in a homeless shelter in New York two weeks ago. He died tragically after swallowing every pill he could find in his family's room.

Dishonourable zero tolerance

23 February 2002
Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani enjoyed a warm welcome in Britain last week when he arrived to pick up his honorary knighthood. The Queen, Tony Blair and Ken Livingstone all praised him. "London Needs A Giuliani," proclaimed the Daily Telegraph. Home secretary David Blunkett praised his "fine example" for encouraging "strong police leadership".

Carnival of resistance to laws of the market

02 February 2002
Two forums, two visions of the world. That's what is taking place at opposite ends of the American continent this weekend. The world's rich and representatives of global corporations are gathering at their World Economic Forum in New York. In the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre tens of thousands of people are converging for the World Social Forum, which challenges everything the New York meeting stands for.

From Porto Alegre to New York

26 January 2002
Peter Hain, former anti-apartheid activist and now minister for Europe, attacked the anti-capitalist movement last weekend. He claimed that the 300,000 people who protested against the G8 richest countries in Genoa last July were the "violent elements of Europe's middle class".

Activists gear up

19 January 2002
SUPPORT IS growing for the next major anti-capitalist events, which take place from 31 January to 4 February. Protesters are organising in New York in the US against the annual World Economic Forum meeting of business and political leaders.

'More than just a strike on the rail'

19 January 2002
DO YOU think there's going to be a Winter of Discontent? I THINK there is a real possibility. Before the attacks in New York on 11 September we saw a rising mood of bitterness in the trade unions over privatisation, and discussions about breaking the link between the unions and New Labour. That was beheaded on 11 September. When the TUC conference was called off, so was the debate over privatisation. Blair got away scot free.

His faith in hate

12 January 2002
THE BELIEVER is a difficult film to watch. It is centred on Daniel Balint, a character at war with himself. He is a Jew, but also a violent Nazi in modern day New York. Balint despises all Jews, saying that "the modern world is a Jewish disease".

Mark Dolan: Why we won it

01 December 2001
A Post Office disciplinary hearing last week found that Mark Dolan, treasurer of the CWU union branch in North/North West London, was innocent of the charges against him. A worker at the NDO office made a complaint against Mark after he had overheard a discussion about the World Trade Centre suicide attacks. Mark had said he was against the loss of life in New York, but that it was a result of US policies.

The movement is recovering

01 December 2001
I missed the great anti-war demonstration in London the Sunday before last. But I don't feel too bad about this because, along with 500 other people, I was participating in a conference on globalisation and resistance in New York.

New York close up and political

24 November 2001
A new video from the US called 9.11 produced by Indymedia is now available. It is an alternative insight into the immediate response of New Yorkers to the events of 11 September and to the threat of US military retaliation. It begins the very next day after the attack, where the people of New York gather in Union Square to share experiences.

Microsoft: not a great computing XPerience

10 November 2001
Software Giant Microsoft launched the latest version of its Windows software on 25 October. Sting played a special gig in New York to launch Windows XP. London's Royal Festival Hall was booked for the European launch. Behind the hype Windows XP highlights Microsoft's obscene rush for profits. Company founder Bill Gates is already worth £41 billion-over £6 for every person on the planet. His company reckons that Windows XP can increase that even further.

Sounds of war in music world

03 November 2001
A virtual who's who of the music industry took to the stage last week at Madison Square Gardens and other venues across New York. They came together to raise money for the victims of the 11 September tragedy. This was no moving tribute. It was a carnival of reaction.

Myth of national unity

22 September 2001
Business profits from the tragedy IF YOU believed the media at the beginning of this week you would have thought all that mattered was the reopening of the New York stock exchange. "Back In Business" was the front page headline of the Sun on Tuesday. "Right now I want to go in and make some money," one stockbroker was quoted as saying in the Guardian.

Coalition of hypocrites

22 September 2001
The bloody record of Bush and his allies GEORGE BUSH has used the horror of the attack on the World Trade Centre to "rally the world against international terrorism". The US wants to launch a revenge attack. It is targeting not just those behind the attacks in New York, but any state that dares to stand up against it. Bush wants to present whatever he does as a justifiable attack on an "evil" enemy, part of what he and Tony Blair present as a war of "civilisation" against "barbarism".

An uneasy alliance

22 September 2001
THE MORE the initial shock caused by the attacks on New York and Washington wears off, the more cracks appear in the international coalition that George Bush's administration is trying to construct.

The diary of a people's agony

22 September 2001
IN THE aftermath of the attacks on New York and Washington the media repeatedly played the same footage of a small number of Palestinians who were celebrating. The message was clear-Palestinians are fanatics with little regard for human life.

'We're worth less than the price of a T-shirt'

03 March 2001
Protests are to hit the clothes chain Gap next week. Why Gap? Why next week? Because next Thursday, 8 March, is International Women's Day, a day established nearly 100 years ago, inspired by women workers in the New York garment industry, many of who were immigrants. They struggled to survive the horrible sweatshops but they also fought back and organised.

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