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Signs of Revolt: Creative resistance and social movements since Seattle

10 November 2009
In November 1999 an alliance of direct action activists, environmentalists and trade unionists shut down a meeting of the World Trade Organisation in Seattle. In the process they sparked a global movement.

Ring It In: songs of peace and justice for the holiday season

02 December 2008
The Seattle Labor Chorus has been performing throughout the north west of the US since 1997 in support of everyone fighting for a living wage, and against war and injustice.

Radical process of resistance

14 January 2006
It is just over six years since the great protests in Seattle of November 1999. And it is almost three years since the great anti-war protest of 15 February 2003.

Marxism meets the movement

10 December 2005
Last week the sixth anniversary of the protests in Seattle passed without much notice. The passage of time has, however, if anything underlined the importance of the challenge that demonstrators mounted to the World Trade Organisation summit on 30 November 1999.

When anti-capitalism and workers’ struggles combine

03 September 2005
In November 1999 the anti-capitalist movement became known to millions through the protests at the World Trade Organisation in Seattle in the US.

Glimpsing a better world at the G8 protests

16 July 2005
Britain over the past fortnight has gone through in a highly concentrated form the experience of the movement against global capitalism. Our movement went through the protests in Seattle in November 1999 through the attacks on New York and Washington on 11 September 2001 to the great anti-war marches.

‘The challenge for the left is to unite a diverse movement’

22 January 2005
THE FIFTH World Social Forum assembles next week in Porto Alegre, Brazil. This great gathering will bring together tens of thousands of activists from Latin America and the rest of the world. It comes at an important moment in the history of the movement against corporate globalisation. It is now more than five years since that movement first became visible in the Seattle protests in November 1999.

Hazard Warning

16 October 2004
The first militant confrontation in the United States between the global justice movement and the neo-liberal junta took place famously at the WTO conference in Seattle in December 1999.

Take the movement to a new level

14 October 2004
It’s been five years since the Seattle demonstrations kickstarted the global justice movement. What do you feel we have achieved so far?

Take the movement to a new level

13 October 2004
It’s been five years since the Seattle demonstrations kickstarted the global justice movement. What do you feel we have achieved so far?

Springtime for Marxism?

13 October 2004
ONE OF the most striking things about the movement against capitalist globalisation that began with the Seattle protests of November 1999 has been the relatively limited influence of Marxism within it.

London Calling

17 July 2004
THE EUROPEAN Social Forum (ESF) is coming to London between Thursday 14 and Sunday 17 October. The ESF is a festival of resistance to capitalism and war—part of the movement that has come out of the great demonstrations at Seattle and Genoa.

Internationalism: workers of all countries unite

14 February 2004
In 1919, dockers in the city of Seattle refused to load arms for use against the recent Russian Revolution. They were followed by dockers in San Francisco, London, Hull and elsewhere.

A movement springs to life

01 November 2003
MY BOOK The Fountain at the centre of the World is based in Britain, Mexico and the US. It ends with the anti World Trade Organisation riots in Seattle in 1999. I was there during the protests. It was the first time I was part of proper history.

Can free trade fix global poverty?

30 August 2003
IN TWO weeks time representatives of the world's governments will gather in Cancun, Mexico, for a crucial meeting of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The collapse of the WTO meeting in Seattle almost four years ago, amid protests outside and rows inside, marked the emergence of the worldwide movement against corporate globalisation.

What's Lenin got to do with our struggle now?

09 August 2003
STRATEGIES AND tactics sometimes seem like dirty words to young activists getting involved in the movement today. They see tactics as something used to fool people. People say, why can't we just confront our enemies head on? But the new movement, born at Seattle in 1999, has already had to face tactical questions.

Naomi Klein's Fences and Windows

19 October 2002
Naomi Klein worked on her first book, No Logo, in the four years before the great anti-capitalist protests in Seattle. It was published just after and – according to the Guardian – sold 180,000 copies in Britain last year alone. Now she has a new book out. It is a collection of the various pieces of journalism she has written since No Logo propelled her to the forefront of the movement against capitalist globalisation.

The summit will not help world's poor

31 August 2002
"WE ARE inspired by Seattle and Genoa, and we hope our protest turns into something like Seattle." That's how South Africa's Anti-Privatisation Forum summed up its aim and hope for the mass protest it planned at the Earth Summit on Saturday. The forum is an umbrella group uniting a wide range of people campaigning for social justice.

A Socialist Worker you can dance to

29 June 2002
SWEDISH BAND The (International) Noise Conspiracy say that "the sounds from the streets of Seattle, Prague, Quebec, Gothenburg and Genoa" are their main musical influences. In June 2001, during the recording of their new album A New Morning, Changing Weather, the band went to Gothenburg in Sweden.

Warm days in Seville in June

08 June 2002
THE 500,000-strong demonstration against a Europe of capital and war in Barcelona in March was a milestone in the anti-capitalist movement that has swept the world since Seattle in 1999. It showed that the movement had not declined after 11 September, but was stronger than ever.

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