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The Killing series two

Sarah Lund is back on the streets of Copenhagen, two years after she was demoted at the end of season one.

Copenhagen deal exposes the real climate culprits

The United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen last month proved to be a historic watershed. This isn’t because of what it achieved.

Copenhagen: repression but no climate progress

The UN’s climate talks in Copenhagen last month were a bitter disappointment for millions of people around the world who are concerned about the future of the planet.

Climate protests defy the police in Copenhagen

The demonstration "Reclaim Power" in Copenhagen on Wednesday of this week attracted several thousand Danish and international protesters.

Climate summit has no solutions

The outcome of the UN climate talks at Copenhagen will be rises in carbon dioxide emissions. The draft texts provide a variety of ways for countries and companies to keep polluting.

‘Flood’ of protest hits Copenhagen

15 December 2009
More than 100,000 protesters gathered in the Danish capital of Copenhagen last Saturday to demand that world leaders take serious action on climate change.

Copenhagen: the secret plan to hit the poor and burn the planet

08 December 2009
United Nations climate talks finally began in Copenhagen this week, after months of speculation and infighting among those at the top.

Guilty of wrecking the planet

24 November 2009
World leaders are sitting idly by while the planet burns. Those heads of government who can be bothered to attend are due to gather for climate change talks in Copenhagen next month.

Is China to blame for climate change?

24 November 2009
Bitter rows over who is responsible for climate change lie behind much of the dithering by world leaders in the run up to the United Nations climate talks in Copenhagen next month.

Copenhagen climate summit offers no solutions

17 November 2009
The United Nations (UN) climate talks in Copenhagen will begin in less than three weeks time. They will be a sham.

Copenhagen conference won't stop climate change

10 November 2009
Ed Miliband, the climate change secretary, has admitted that next month’s United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen will not produce any binding treaty to tackle climate change.

Climate campaign gears up for demo

10 November 2009
Around 150 activists gathered at a London forum last Saturday to discuss the situation that climate campaigners face in the run up to the United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen next month.

Take climate fight to Copenhagen

13 October 2009
Jørn Andersen is from the Climate Movement in Denmark – known as Klimabevægelsen. He is also part of the coordination group of the 12 December Initiative – a broad coalition of organisations preparing for the demonstration at the United Nations (UN) climate summit in Copenhagen on 12 December.

Airline bosses emit more untruths

29 September 2009
Just weeks before the Copenhagen summit on climate change, the aviation industry got the headline it wanted – "Airlines Vow To Halve Emissions By 2050".

Copenhagen climate summit: All targets, no action

08 September 2009
The countdown to the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen has started. The December meeting will bring together environment ministers and world leaders to reach a new agreement to succeed the 1997 Kyoto climate change treaty.

No delight in Copenhagen

21 December 2002
THAT SMALL portion of the media not obsessed with Cherie Blair has been rhubarbing about how "historic" last weekend's European Union (EU) summit in Copenhagen was. It was in a way, but not primarily because the EU has finally decided to expand to incorporate ten new member states, mainly relatively poor countries in Central and Eastern Europe.


27 October 2001
AN EMPLOYMENT tribunal has unanimously agreed that Post Office management unfairly dismissed CWU union activist Mick Doherty. Mick, chair of the N/NW London CWU branch, was sacked after allegations of his involvement in football violence before last year's UEFA cup final in Copenhagen.

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