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Portugal: March in Lisbon

Some 130,000 marched through Lisbon, Portugal, last Saturday in protest at cuts being pushed through by the new right wing government.

Lisbon: leaders plan for more war

Lisbon: leaders plan for more war Over 40,000 people marched in Lisbon, Portugal, on Saturday in opposition to the Nato summit held in the city.

Lisbon treaty passed in Ireland but resistance must continue

The 67 percent vote in the Irish Republic to ratify the European Union’s Lisbon treaty represented a major victory for the country’s corporate and political elite.

Ireland to repeat Lisbon treaty vote

The people of Ireland were to vote again on the European Union’s neoliberal Lisbon Treaty on Friday of this week – despite voters rejecting it last year.

Lisbon treaty: Irish can say no to neoliberal Europe again

Next October the Irish people will be asked to vote once again on the European Union’s (EU) Lisbon Treaty. This is despite the referendum held in June this year, when 1.6 million people turned out and rejected the treaty by a margin of over 110,000 votes.

Gordon Brown refuses to hold British referendum on Lisbon treaty

Gordon Brown’s government has pressed on with the parliamentary vote to ratify the Lisbon treaty on the European Union (EU), despite Irish voters rejecting it.

Irish voters reject plans for a neoliberal Europe

17 June 2008
Irish voters have dealt a decisive blow to attempts to create a corporate, militarised European Union (EU) superstate by voting to reject the Lisbon treaty.

Workers reject neoliberal EU treaty in Irish referendum

13 June 2008
The neoliberal European Lisbon Treaty has been thrown out by the Irish voters as counting continues.

Ireland and the EU's dodgy 'constitution' treaty

29 January 2008
Ireland is the only country in the European Union (EU) that will get to vote on the EU reform treaty, known as the Lisbon treaty. This treaty is a power grab of unprecedented proportion on the part of the EU. It involves the transfer of powers from member states to the European Council and European Commission.

Navega – Mayra Andrade

30 October 2007
Mayra Andrade comes from a Cape Verdean family via Lisbon and Paris, and mainly sings in the island’s Portuguese dialect.

Protesters fight new EU treaty

16 October 2007
Demonstrators will gather in Lisbon this Thursday to protest outside the European Union (EU) summit being held in the Portuguese capital.

Timeline of the Portuguese revolution

25 June 2005
25 April 1974Officers overthrow the Caetano dictatorship. General Spinola appointed president.1 May 1974100,000 people march through Lisbon to celebrate May Day.27-28 September 1974Right plans coup. Spinola calls for demonstration of the "silent majority". Workers build barricades and block bridges. Right wingers arrested. Spinola resigns.11 March 1975Right wing, led by Spinola, attempt coup by attacking left wing soldiers in Lisbon. Workers besiege police barracks and surround the paratroopers attacking the soldiers, arguing with them. Coup peters out and Spinola flees to Brazil.</l

Fado — a powerful expression of poor and working class life

25 June 2005
Fado is the passionate, volatile and haunting acoustic folk music that is as vital to Lisbon culture as the blues is to Memphis.

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