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UN offers no solution for food crisis of world’s poorest

10 June 2008
World leaders gathered in Rome last week for the World Food Summit organised by the United Nations’s Food and Agricultural Organisation in response to the deepening crisis caused by rising food prices.

UN food summit ducks the issues

03 June 2008
World leaders were meeting at the United Nations world food summit in Rome as Socialist Worker went to press.

Fascists attack students in Rome after university occupation

28 May 2008
On Monday students at Rome's La Sapienza university occupied, and stopped Roberto Fiore, leader of the hard line fascist Forza Nuova from addressing a conference. Fiore spent much of the 1980s in Britain, having fled Italy after being sought for involvement in the 1980 bombing of Bologna station which killed 85 people.

Frome demonstration for sacked Butler and Tanner print workers

06 May 2008
A demonstration in support of sacked print workers took place last Saturday in Frome in Somerset.

Empire of the Eagles: the myth of Rome

04 March 2008
Modern leaders looking for a ‘civilised’ way to dominate the world refer to the Roman Empire. Historian Neil Faulkner explained the brutal reality to Ken Olende

Crackdown on immigrants in Italy sparks violent racist backlash

06 November 2007
Italian police forced homeless people in Rome to leave their makeshift houses on the banks of the Tiber river last week in the start of a racist crackdown.

Anti-Bush demos in Italy and Poland

12 June 2007
Rome takes on Bush

Treaty of Rome anniversary: a European union for neoliberals

24 March 2007
There will be no street parties or popping of champagne corks in Britain to mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome. The best that this country could manage was a half-hearted friendly football match between a Manchester United team and a motley collection of European footballers.

Amnesty for “illegal immigrants”: freedom or trap?

01 July 2006
Jack Dromey, deputy general secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union, has called for an amnesty for the estimated half million so-called "illegal immigrants" who work, without permission from the government, in the service economy, agriculture, cleaning and catering, and caring for the old and sick.

Challenge for the French left

25 March 2006
For the past ten years various French governments have been trying to break with what they call the "Juppé syndrome".

Reviews round-up

04 March 2006
RumbleRenegade TheatreOn tour<a href="" target = "_blank"></a> "Fight, dance and passion" are promised, but much much more is delivered in Renegade Theatre’s breathtaking, breakdancing reinvention of Romeo and Juliet.

Italian students develop a thirst for political discussion

10 December 2005
On the final day of November the psychology department of Rome’s La Sapienza university is a hive of activity.

Rome, the birth of an empire

26 November 2005
The HBO/BBC series Rome is being presented as a breakthrough in the portrayal of ancient Rome. But in fact there’s little new. In line with long-standing Hollywood tradition, the cast is British, even if the money is mainly American.

Italian students

12 November 2005
A wave of student demonstrations and occupations has swept through Italian cities, including in Rome, against the government’s plans to increase privatisation of higher education.

Italians say no to Bolkestein

22 October 2005
A 50,000 strong demonstration took place in Rome on Sunday of last week to protest against the Bolkestein directive, a proposal by the European Commission to privatise public services and attack workers’ rights.

Sacked Gate Gourmet workers: ‘put us at centre of this battle’

10 September 2005
Jack Dromey, deputy general secretary of the T&G union, was to speak at a rally in Glasgow alongside Gate Gourmet workers on Wednesday of this week to build support for the dispute.

Postal Workers' strike vote challenges erosion of Romec pay

20 August 2005
Around 1,000 engineers who service the Royal Mail network have voted in favour of strikes.

The general election was a bitter blow for Blairism

21 May 2005
Of themselves, elections don’t change anything. They act as a barometer of the deeper social forces at work. But that doesn’t mean that elections are irrelevant. Only a fool would say that the victory of the Tories under Margaret Thatcher in 1979 had no effect on British society.

How water offers a river of profits for global capitalism

05 May 2005
Every Major city in Europe is near a river — Rome on the Tiber, Paris on the Seine and London on the Thames. The earliest civilisations grew in river valleys. For most of human history water was a communal resource.

Reviews round-up

16 April 2005
Rome, Open CityDirected by Roberto RosselliniDVD released 11 April

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