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Czechs protest against cuts on anniversary of Velvet Revolution

Czechs protest against cuts on anniversary of Velvet Revolution More than 25,000 people gathered in Prague’s Wenceslas Square on Saturday to protest against austerity measures being pushed through by the Czech Republic’s right wing coalition government.

Austerity protest shakes Czech coalition

Last Saturday more than 120,000 people gathered in Prague’s Wenceslaus Square to demonstrate against government austerity. It was the climax of a week of protest—as well as the biggest demonstration in the Czech Republic since the "Velvet Revolution" against the old Stalinist regime in 1989.

Prague says: 'Cairo made it, so can we'

Prague says: Cairo made it, so can we Over 48,000 people marched in Prague last week against cuts. The protest was organised by the CMKOS and ASO union federations, and the anti-cuts ProAlt initiative.

Czechoslovakia after 1989: Big tasks for the left

On 17 November 1989 tens of thousands of students marched through the streets of Prague. They were marking the 50th anniversary of the suppression of student resistance to the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. The air was full of the feeling for change.

Bush’s missile shield is cold war relic

Bush’s missile shield is cold war relic Over 2,000 people gathered in Prague in the Czech Republic on Monday this week to protest against the visit of George Bush.

Reviews round-up

Reviews round-up Ken SpragueFund international political cartoon competitione-mail <a href=""></a> <a href="" target = "_blank"></a>

Ken Sprague 1927-2004: he made his art for the people

14 August 2004
When Ken Sprague first met Martin Luther King, the US civil rights leader started telling him exactly how he wanted a poster for his campaign to look.

A Socialist Worker you can dance to

29 June 2002
SWEDISH BAND The (International) Noise Conspiracy say that "the sounds from the streets of Seattle, Prague, Quebec, Gothenburg and Genoa" are their main musical influences. In June 2001, during the recording of their new album A New Morning, Changing Weather, the band went to Gothenburg in Sweden.

Czechs back workers

13 January 2001
Around 100,000 Czechs demonstrated in Prague's Wenceslas Square last week in support of striking journalists at the state-owned television station. The journalists have been occupying the studios of the station since Christmas Eve in protest at the appointment of Jiri Hodac as the new director general. A parliamentary committee appointed Hodac, who is close to the pro-business leader of the opposition, Vaclav Klaus, who wants to privatise state television. Hodac has already sacked key managers in his attempt to control the content of news broadcasts.

The global opposition

13 January 2001
There is a growing sense that different struggles around the world are closely connected. The Palestinian intellectual Edward Said recently wrote that the new intifada against Israel "is another example of the general discontent with the post Cold War order (economic and political) displayed in the events of Seattle and Prague".

Does globalisation help Third World?

13 January 2001
Labour development secretary Clare Short delivered a stinging attack just before Christmas on the people who had protested in Seattle and Prague. She suggested they were "self indulgent" and "intolerable", comfortable Westerners who have enjoyed the benefits of capitalism but are now trying to deny them to the Third World.

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