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Use US funding debates to push for an end to the police

13 June 2020
Demands to ‘defund the police’ are opening a wider argument

Protesters rally around call to defund the police

08 June 2020
Across protests in the US a furious call is going out to “defund the police”. 

Protesters defy state repression to ensure Black Lives message is heard

08 June 2020
Many of the international solidarity protests took aim at police racism and violence in their own countries—and many defied state repression and bans.

Tens of thousands across Britain join Black Lives Matter protests

06 June 2020
Tens of thousands of people joined Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests across Britain on Saturday.

Britain’s not innocent—a history of racist cops

06 June 2020
When David Oluwale drowned in the River Aire in Leeds in 1969, police wrote “Wog” on the nationality section of his death certificate. His killing was the first black death by cops in Britain—and shows that police racism, violence and cover-up are a very British problem.

Brazil’s murderous cops add to toll of coronavirus

06 June 2020
Police in Rio de Janeiro killed 177 people in April alone

This militant movement shows we can fight back

02 June 2020
An inspirational movement against police violence has taken on our rulers and terrified them. 

‘My son was murdered’—two decades of racist killings

02 June 2020
 A revolt is exploding over George Floyd’s racist murder at the hands of the cops. Socialist Worker looks at a horrific history of killings in the United States—and the inspiring resistance to them

US revolt against a racist system must spread

02 June 2020
The United States has erupted into historic scenes of resistance in the last week. It has transformed the political landscape as huge protests—often led by young, black people—have risen up against the violence and hatred suffered at the hands of the racist police force.

US cops use racist violence to protect racist, violent system

01 June 2020
The police form a racist, violent institution that works to crush ordinary people and uphold the interests of the powerful.

‘People want justice, it feels like a revolution is coming’

31 May 2020
Tanner Herndon was one of a group of people who blocked a freeway in Houston on Saturday during a protest after the killing of George Floyd. He told Socialist Worker what happened.

Uprising grows against racist killings by US police

29 May 2020
A great revolt is taking place in the US. It is against police murders but also about the whole way black people are treated

Letters - South Korea’s second wave is a real warning for Britain 

29 May 2020
South Korea is witnessing what seems to be the beginning of a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Protesters demand justice for George Floyd

27 May 2020
Over a thousand furious people have taken to the streets of Minnesota to demand justice over the violent police murder of George Floyd.

Cummings’ trips to Durham are nothing to be sneezed at

26 May 2020
The Prime Minister defended Dominic Cummings after his top aid showed him the pictures of whatever it is that he has on Boris Johnson.

Anthony Grainger killing: ‘words will never be enough to save lives’

20 May 2020
The government claims that lessons have been learned almost a year after an inquiry said police were to blame for the killing of Anthony Grainger. But the police responsbile are still not facing trial.

Tories slash emergency funding for homeless

18 May 2020
Homeless people across England could be thrown back onto the streets after the Tories cut funding for an emergency scheme.

Section 60 orders rise as coppers clamp down over coronavirus

05 May 2020
Are the cops preparing the ground for repression? They already have extra powers under new laws, such as to fine those deemed to be breaching the rules.

Deaths in custody in France as police target black people

28 April 2020
Five people died after contact with French police imposing lockdown restrictions.

Police riot van arrives after Royal Mail workers oppose management

23 April 2020
Bosses at a Royal Mail mail centre called the police after two workers refused to cooperate with bosses’ “unreasonable” demands.

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