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Jail for the poor as coppers’ clampdown beggars belief

08 November 2016
Charlie Jennings received a nine-week jail sentence for begging in Norwich last week.

Stop this class war cover-up—miners’ fury over Orgreave

01 November 2016
The Tories are continuing a cover-up by refusing an inquiry into the Battle of Orgreave.

Hundreds join rally over deaths in police custody

01 November 2016
Some 400 people joined a procession last Saturday to commemorate those who have died in police custody.

March for justice in Tower Hamlets

01 November 2016
The police officers responsible for two shocking recent arrests in Tower Hamlets, east London, “should not be part of the police force”, a youth worker told a rally last Saturday.

Ex-miners demand to know - who was responsible for police attacks at Orgreave?

01 November 2016
About 100 people poured into the Yorkshire NUM Miners’ Hall in Barnsley today, Tuesday, for an Orgreave Truth and Justice (OTJC) press conference.

Activists rally for east London youth worker who says he was attacked by the police

16 October 2016
Around 150 people crowded into the Arbour youth centre in Tower Hamlets, east London, on Friday night for a public meeting. They had came to show solidarity with Zac Hussein, a youth worker at the centre, who says he was attacked by the police. 

Mazher Mahmood found guilty but tougher questions remain about the ‘Fake Sheikh’

11 October 2016
Mazher Mahmood, known as the “Fake Sheikh”, has been found guilty of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

Black Lives Matter protesters won’t accept a whitewash after more killings

04 October 2016
Protests took place across the US over the weekend as the police’s killing spree continued apace.

Anger as politicians pledge to demolish Calais 'jungle'

04 October 2016
The “jungle” shantytown of refugees in Calais is to be demolished “in the next few weeks”, French prime minister Manuel Valls vowed last Sunday.

Incompetent or corrupt Met coppers lose millions of files

27 September 2016
Scotland Yard has lost 13 unsolved murder files and is considering whether they were destroyed by corrupt cops.

Cops won’t face charges over Sean Rigg’s death

20 September 2016
Also: Probe into the paralysis of Julian Cole, March for Dalian Atkinson, Rotherham 12 hold justice convention

Orgreave campaigners demand justice ahead of meeting with Tory minister

13 September 2016
Campaigners from the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign (OTJC) and their supporters gathered outside parliament today, Tuesday, ahead of a meeting with home secretary Amber Rudd.

Questions after police chase leads to deaths in south London

07 September 2016
Two people died on Wednesday of last week following a high speed police chase speed through a residential area in Penge, south London.

Black Lives Matter takes politics back into Carnival

30 August 2016
Notting Hill Carnival’s roots lie in fighting racism, but it’s become corporate and heavily policed. Alistair Farrow spoke to Carnival-goers and activists

It’s cock-up after Balls-up for blundering blokes of Labour

30 August 2016
Poor old Owen Smith can’t stop putting his foot in his mouth.

Protesters occupy CPS lobby demanding justice for Kingsley Burrell

26 August 2016
The Justice for Kingsley Burrell campaign occupied the building that houses Birmingham’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) offices today,Friday.

Deadly force - cops and their lethal weapons

23 August 2016
Cops love their “non-lethal” Tasers so much that their use is rocketing. But they are an ideological tool in the hands of our rulers—and there’s no way of making them safe, argues Dave Sewell. Pictures by Guy Smallman

Fury on the streets following racist murders in the US

16 August 2016
A shooting of another black man and the murder of two Muslims has sparked anger, says Charlie Kimber

Pigs have got their snouts in the trough - and so have MPs

09 August 2016
Chief constables and senior officers are grabbing tens of thousands of pounds in expenses—on top of huge salaries.

‘Serial killer’ cop complains that he’s treated like a criminal

09 August 2016
Also: Man dies after pepper spray, new unit to terrorise us, Stephen Lawrence CCTV out

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