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Black Lives Matter takes politics back into Carnival

30 August 2016
Notting Hill Carnival’s roots lie in fighting racism, but it’s become corporate and heavily policed. Alistair Farrow spoke to Carnival-goers and activists

Protesters occupy CPS lobby demanding justice for Kingsley Burrell

26 August 2016
The Justice for Kingsley Burrell campaign occupied the building that houses Birmingham’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) offices today,Friday.

Deadly force - cops and their lethal weapons

23 August 2016
Cops love their “non-lethal” Tasers so much that their use is rocketing. But they are an ideological tool in the hands of our rulers—and there’s no way of making them safe, argues Dave Sewell. Pictures by Guy Smallman

Fury on the streets following racist murders in the US

16 August 2016
A shooting of another black man and the murder of two Muslims has sparked anger, says Charlie Kimber

‘Serial killer’ cop complains that he’s treated like a criminal

09 August 2016
Also: Man dies after pepper spray, new unit to terrorise us, Stephen Lawrence CCTV out

Pigs have got their snouts in the trough - and so have MPs

09 August 2016
Chief constables and senior officers are grabbing tens of thousands of pounds in expenses—on top of huge salaries.

Angry over deaths in France? You’re banned

02 August 2016
French cops kettled 1,000 people in Paris last Saturday to stop them marching for justice for a black man who died in police custody.

2011 rioters were rising up against injustice

02 August 2016
Five years after the summer riots, Alistair Farrow takes aim at claims that they were just ‘mindless’

You can’t change the cops

26 July 2016
The killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in the US, and Mzee Mohammed in Britain, have inspired a wave of protest.

New Black Lives Matter protests take on police racism and violence

19 July 2016
The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in Britain widened and deepened over the last week. Demonstrations and vigils for victims of police violence took place across the country.

Our fury matters - black activists speak out

19 July 2016
Thousands of people protested across Britain in recent weeks to insist that “Black Lives Matter”. Called in response to a series of police killings in the US, the protests have struck a chord with many young people angry at racism in Britain too. Black activists in London told Socialist Worker about why they are marching—and how to win

GALLERY - Black Lives Matter protests in Bradford and Leeds

15 July 2016
Around 1,000 people gathered in Bradford, and 800 in Leeds for Black Lives Matter/Say No to Racism protests this week.

Black Lives Matter protests continue in Britain - here's how you can get involved

13 July 2016
The Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests that burst onto the streets of Britain over last weekend continue throughout this week. They are showing solidarity with the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, who were killed by police in the US earlier this month.

Uptick of struggle reflects a political crisis in the US

12 July 2016
Alistair Farrow spoke to activists from the US about the growing movement against racist attacks—and for a better system

Fury at police killings in the US sparks Black Lives Matter protests across Britain

12 July 2016
The racist killing of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police in the United States last week has sparked an eruption of anger.

GALLERY - Pictures of Black Lives Matter protest in Brixton, London

10 July 2016
People in Brixton, south London, protested on Saturday after the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by US police

Outrage after US police murder black people

10 July 2016
The racist killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police in the United States have sparked an eruption of anger in that country but also more widely.

Henry Hicks died in police chase, jury rules

28 June 2016
North London teenager Henry Hicks knew he was being chased by police before he was killed in a crash, a jury has decided today, Tuesday.

Police cars had ‘no regard for safety’, hears inquest into death of Henry Hicks

21 June 2016
The inquest into the death of north London teenager Henry Hicks heard evidence from four police officers on Monday.

Ombudsman slams cops over Loughinisland murders in Northern Ireland

14 June 2016
Police informants were involved in planning and executing a sectarian attack in which six people were shot dead in a bar in Northern Ireland as they watched a World Cup match in 1994. 

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