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Sean Rigg inquest begins

12 June 2012
The inquest into the death of Sean Rigg opened on Monday.

Cops target more black people

12 June 2012
The police are 37 times more likely to stop and search black people than their white counterparts, a new report has found.

Special PC gets fined for racism

22 May 2012
A special police constable has been found guilty of a racially aggravated public order offence.

Police given a new gadget to snoop on your mobile phone

22 May 2012
The police have got a new gadget that lets them take all the personal data from your mobile phone if they arrest you.

Police to blame for innocent Sam Hallam's seven years in prison

22 May 2012
After seven years in prison, Sam Hallam had his murder conviction quashed in the Court of Appeal this week.

Police taser man with Alzheimer's

15 May 2012
Police fired tasers at a man with Alzheimer’s—after they were called out to help take him to hospital.

Bitter cops on the march show no interest in unity

15 May 2012
There were 30,000 cops and one Socialist Worker journalist. The march against police cuts on Thursday of last week wasn’t pleasant.

IPCC: is it time to put down the police's pet watchdog?

15 May 2012
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is under constant criticism for failing to seriously investigate police crime.

News round-up

08 May 2012
The private firm that built Guantanamo Bay detention camp is shortlisted for a £1.5 billion contract to run many key police services in Surrey and the West Midlands.

Cops’ march signals a ruling class in crisis

08 May 2012
When police officers march against a Tory government it shows that the usual order of things is breaking down.

Mark Duggan police refuse to give evidence

01 May 2012
The 31 police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan—which sparked last year’s August riots—are refusing to be interviewed for the investigation into his death.

Why the police will never be on our side

01 May 2012
The police are once again sinking in a swamp of corruption and racism. Yet the Tory cuts are so severe that even the cops plan to march against them later this month.

Justice for Shanise Paris-Goff

24 April 2012
Around 20 people attended a vigil at Plumstead police station in south east London to demand justice for Shanise Paris-Goff on Tuesday of last week.

Woman falls to her death as police visit

17 April 2012
An 18 year old woman died after plunging 17 stories from a tower block window after police visited her on Tuesday of last week.

Why are police officers so prone to bigotry?

10 April 2012
The racism scandal sweeping the police has smashed the notion that bullying and bigotry are confined to a small number of rogue officers.

Racism scandals engulf the police

10 April 2012
The past week has seen a series of racism scandals hit the Metropolitan Police.

Police quizzed in student protest case

10 April 2012
The trial of Alfie Meadows and four other student protesters has continued at Kingston Crown Court.

Family of man shot dead by police call for protests

03 April 2012
Anthony Grainger, a 36 year old father of two, was in a red Audi with two friends in a car park in Culcheth, Cheshire, on 3 March.

Hull meeting demands justice for Christopher Alder

03 April 2012
Campaigners for Christopher Alder protested in Hull last Sunday as part of their continued campaign for justice.

Riot report lets the police off the hook

03 April 2012
A government-appointed "independent" panel published its final report into the August riots last week.

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