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Disband the riot squads

21 April 2009
The Territorial Support Group (TSG) police riot squad used its full might to crush protests in the City of London on 1 April, with tragic consequences.

Truth slowly trickles out about Ian Tomlinson death

21 April 2009
More state lies about the death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in London came unstuck last week as the second post-mortem, commissioned by the IPCC, returned a verdict that Ian died from an abdominal haemorrhage—internal bleeding.

G20 death: Ian Tomlinson’s second post-mortem reports ‘abdominal haemorrhage’

17 April 2009
Ian Tomlinson died not long after being hit and pushed by police at the G20 protest near the Bank of England on 1 April.

New evidence of police violence at G20 protest

17 April 2009
The sequence of images above paint yet another disturbing picture of the events surrounding the G20 protests. They were shot just after the police had regained control of the area around the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Don’t let police off the hook

14 April 2009
"No justice, No peace" was the rallying cry of campaigners last Saturday as they marched for justice for Ian Tomlinson.

Ian Blair denies reality of police racism

07 April 2009
Stephen Lawrence’s mother Doreen once asserted that no police officer had tended her dying son because they didn’t want to get "black" blood on their hands.

Quotes on police racism

03 March 2009
"I no longer believe the label of instutional racism to be either appropriate or useful to the Metropolitan Police."Scotland Yard Commisioner Sir Paul Stephenson

Jailings over Cardiff 3 case increase pressure on the police

06 January 2009
Three people who admitted lying in the Lynette White murder case have each been jailed for 18 months for perjury.

Tenth annual march for those who died in police custody

28 October 2008

De Menezes inquiry: officer admits to altering his notes

14 October 2008
A senior police officer has admitted that he tampered with his notes about the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, the innocent Brazilian man shot seven times in the head by the police at Stockwell tube station in July 2005.

Crisis in the Metropolitan Police

07 October 2008
The Metropolitan Police Service has been plunged into crisis after Sir Ian Blair, the Met’s commissioner and Britain’s most senior police officer, was forced to resign by London mayor Boris Johnson.

Good riddance to police commissioner Ian Blair

03 October 2008
Ian Blair the chief of the Metropolitan Police force has resigned – and London is a slightly safer place because of it.

Death in custody: how did Sean Rigg die?

09 September 2008
Investigations are underway into two recent incidents of black men in south London dying after either being chased or arrested by police.

Police officer explains how racism row shakes the Met

01 July 2008
Shocking news was released last week that Assistant Commissioner Tariq Ghaffur, Britain’s most senior ranking black police officer, was preparing papers alleging race discrimination against the Metropolitan Police and its commissioner Sir Ian Blair.

Police show true colours with attack on Whitehall protest

17 June 2008
The steady erosion of democracy in Britain has been exposed by the way police handled last Sunday’s demonstration against George Bush.

Another death in custody: 'How did my son die?'

27 May 2008
Lee Donovan was arrested in Newport, South Wales, at around 10pm on Friday 25 April. He was taken to a police cell in nearby Pontypool at 10.45pm. By 1am the next morning he was dead.

Injustice in police complaints system

26 February 2008
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) was thrown into crisis this week after over 100 lawyers in the Police Action Lawyers Group resigned from its advisory body.

Even the cops say Gordon Brown’s robbing us

22 January 2008
Some 15,000 police officers were expected to march through London on Wednesday of this week against plans to cap their pay rise at 1.9 percent this year.

Jay Abatan: a carbon copy of the Stephen Lawrence case

19 June 2004
"WHY IS this still going on so many years after the case of Stephen Lawrence? I don't think the police have learned the lessons. It's been swept under the carpet." So says Michael Abatan, brother of Jay, a black man who died after being attacked by a gang of white men in Brighton on 24 January 1999. The family have spent the last five years trying to get justice for Jay. Jay's death came two months after the inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

Police racism: has nothing changed?

01 November 2003
PC ROB PULLING: "A Paki born in Britain is still a fucking Paki" PC ADRIAN HARRISON: "I class them as one thing, and that's it – Pakis" PC ROB PULLING: "Stephen Lawrence fucking deserved it" PC CARL JONES: "BAT I used to call it – Black Added Tax"

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