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The establishment quakes following police violence

16 March 2021
The scenes of police attacking protesters in Clapham sent the establishment into a mini meltdown.

Protests say Met boss should go

16 March 2021
Calls are growing louder for Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Cressida Dick to resign following the police’s violent handling of the Sarah Everard vigil last Saturday.

Join day of action on 20 March—say no to racism

16 March 2021
Anti-racists worldwide are preparing to mobilise in street protests and online rallies this Saturday.

Third night of mass protest takes on sexism and police repression

15 March 2021
Over 1,000 angry protesters raged through the streets of central London on Monday on the third night of protest against the sexist system

The alleged killer of Sarah Everard belonged to institutionally sexist force

15 March 2021
Wayne Couzens is charged with the ­kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard. He is a ­firearms officer from Scotland Yard’s elite Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command.

Fury on streets over violence against women and Tory police bill

14 March 2021
Rage against the sexist system returned to the streets on Sunday as around 4,000 people protested in central London

Tories’ draconian police bill will ensure many more repeats of Clapham Common

14 March 2021
What happened on Clapham Common on Saturday evening will be repeated, but more often and with more brutality if a new bill goes through parliament.

Thousands defy police bans to demand an end to violence against women

13 March 2021
A furious crowd confronted the cops in Clapham Common, south London, on Saturday. Protesters defied a ban to gather and pay their respects to Sarah Everard

Outrage after court allows police ban of Reclaim These Streets vigils

12 March 2021
In a disgraceful verdict the High Court has refused to set aside the police ban on a Reclaim These Streets vigil on Clapham Common

Police arrests follow anti-racist protests in Cardiff

11 March 2021
Those facing charges or potential charges took part in demonstrations after the death of Mohamud Hassan

How can we end this sexist system?

11 March 2021
The apparent police murder of Sarah Everard has lifted the lid on the foul, sexist system that we live in.

The Troublemaker—For Boris Johnson, charity definitely begins at home

09 March 2021
Boris Johnson hopes to set up a charity to pay to refurbish his flat. Johnson apparently wants multimillionaire Tory peer Lord Brownlow to run it.

Don’t let Tory intimidation take away right to protest

08 March 2021
The right to protest is under severe attack as the Tories ramp up the fining of protesters and look set to keep restrictions in place for months.

Anti-racists march on police station after Moyied Bashir’s death in South Wales

19 February 2021
Around 200 anti-racists took to the streets of Newport, South Wales, on Thursday to demand to know who’s responsible for Moyied Bashir’s death.

Vigil marks month since death of Mohamud Hassan after contact with 52 cops

10 February 2021
'I didn’t know there were even 52 officers at the station, how on Earth does that happen?' asks a Cardiff activist

The Troublemaker—Cop tasers ill man nine times

08 February 2021
A Met police officer has been given a final warning after tasering a man with mental distress nine times.

Cop to face probe over the death of Kevin Clarke

25 January 2021
A new disciplinary hearing is set to go ahead over the death in London, while campaigners in Cardiff keep fighting for Mohamud Hassan

End cops’ racist system

19 January 2021
A BBC Panorama programme this week shone a light on deaths in police custody. Just days before it was broadcast, Mohamud Hassan died after being held by police in Cardiff, south Wales.

Cardiff BLM activists defiant after fine for protests over Mohamud Hassan’s death

16 January 2021
Police have moved to fine a Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist in Cardiff, South Wales, after she was part of protests over the death of Mohamud Mohammed Hassan.

Get angry at profiteers, not ordinary people

12 January 2021
Every action from the Tories rams home that the class divide runs through the whole approach to the virus.

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