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The Troublemaker—Top Met cop defends targeting ‘black lads’ for stop and search  

30 November 2020
London top cop Cressida Dick has claimed that stop and search tactics are saving the lives of young black men in London. This is because they are more likely to carry knives apparently. 

Small Axe—Red, White and Blue shows truth of racist police

29 November 2020
The third film in Steve McQueen’s series takes on the institutional racism that exists in the police

Letters: Continue the fight for Palestine—but outside of the Labour Party

20 November 2020
The right has continuously deemed left wing activists who criticise Israel and its oppressive actions towards Palestinians as antisemites. 

Rich rats deserting sinking yachts for sealed bunkers

16 November 2020
Not content with hiding away on private islands, the super-rich are now buying exclusive services to rescue them from pandemics, protests and climate catastrophes.

Police sexism failed women killed by Peter Sutcliffe

14 November 2020
Mass murderer Peter Sutcliffe died in hospital while an inmate in Frankland prison in County Durham at 74 years old.

Letters - Don’t be fooled by the false promise of nuclear jobs

13 November 2020
Socialists and environmental campaigners should have no illusions in nuclear power.

Spy cops followed Tariq Ali and hundreds of unnamed activists for years, inquiry reveals

12 November 2020
The marathon whitewash of the Undercover Policing Inquiry finally got around to hearing evidence this week

How the spy cops were set up to infiltrate the left

09 November 2020
Parliament and the press fumed with growing paranoia as the revolts of 1968 entered Britain.

Protesters return to the streets in Nigeria despite waves of state repression

08 November 2020
Starting with action against police violence, many protesters are now targeting the vagabonds in power (VIPs)

Spy cops inquiry gives glimpse of scale of state infiltration

03 November 2020
An inquiry has told 19 families that their dead children’s identities were stolen by spycops

Spy cops inquiry will not give their victims justice

03 November 2020
As the Undercover Policing Inquiry hearings begin, Simon Basketter says this latest chapter will not tell us the whole truth

Philadelphia revolts against racism after police killing of black man

29 October 2020
The city of Philadelphia has seen two days of militant mass protests after the police shot and killed Walter Wallace, a 27 year old black man on Monday.

Scottish miners could be pardoned, but fight for justice continues

28 October 2020
Hundreds of miners in Scotland who were convicted of crimes during the 1984-5 Miners’ Strike might be pardoned  

Revolt in Nigeria continues after massacre of protesters

21 October 2020
The government of Nigeria in west Africa sent soldiers firing live ammunition to massacre protesters in the capital, Lagos, on Tuesday. Members of the Socialist Workers and Youth League write from Nigeria.

Met’s body cam decision hides cops’ racist record

20 October 2020
London’s Met Police has decided that evidence captured by cops’ body ¬cameras will not be routinely released—because the evidence is too damning.

Union backs two-week shutdown of secondaries

19 October 2020
The infection rate among secondary school pupils rose by more than in any other age group since September.

Abuse inquiry won’t hear from the victims

12 October 2020
Child sex abuse victims of Greville Janner have been barred from giving live evidence to the public inquiry into the former Labour MP.

Inappropriate police restraint contributed to the death of Kevin Clarke

11 October 2020
Two years before George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, Kevin Clarke—a 35 year old black man—died after contact with police in Catford, south London.

Church covered up child abuse and protected perpetrators

07 October 2020
The Church of England created a culture that allowed child sexual abuse to fester, a report has found

Labour doesn’t want to spook the establishment

06 October 2020
Gary Haggarty, a member of the pro-British paramilitary organisation the Ulster Volunteer Force in Northern Ireland, worked as a paid agent of Special Branch cops.

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