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Iraq war

Jailed for revealing Bush/Blair memo

11 May 2007
On the day Tony Blair was forced to resign two people were jailed for attempting to reveal the Blair’s relationship to George Bush and their plans on how to carry out the war in Iraq.

Court in secret memo trial told civil servant wanted to reveal the truth about Iraq

08 May 2007
A civil servant accused under the Official Secrets Act of leaking a confidential memo wanted to reveal the truth about Iraq, a court has heard.

Soldiers admit: 'Iraq war is lost'

01 May 2007
The war is lost. That's the message coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan by those sent to fight it.

British corporal jailed for abuse of Iraqi hotel worker

01 May 2007
Baha Musa, an Iraqi hotel worker, died with 93 separate injuries to his body as a result of severe beatings he received while detained by British troops in Basra.

Iraqis face grave dangers to their health

24 April 2007
The United Nations (UN) and international aid agencies are warning that Iraqis are facing grave dangers to their health as a result of the chaos caused by war and occupation.

The US builds a sectarian wall to divide Baghdad

24 April 2007
The US is planning to turn the Iraqi capital of Baghdad into a series of prison camps, surrounded by miles of 12 foot high concrete walls topped with barbed wire.

Al Jazeera memo trial opens

24 April 2007
The attempt to cover up George Bush’s plan to bomb the Arabic television channel Al Jazeera has resulted in two men being put on trial for allegedly breaking the Official Secrets Act.

A daily struggle to survive in Iraq

17 April 2007
Life in Iraq is steadily becoming worse, according to a new report released by the International Committee of The Red Cross (ICRC), and is affecting, directly or indirectly, all Iraqis."

US kidnaps 9 year old Iraqi

17 April 2007
It’s "business as usual" – that’s the message Gordon Brown had for US president George Bush during their "surprise meeting" in Washington last week.

A bad week for Bush’s Iraq surge

17 April 2007
No one could miss the symbolism of the suicide bomb that went off inside the Iraqi parliament building in Baghdad on Friday of last week. There is nowhere, even in the heart of the Green Zone, that is safe from the resistance.

Images from Birds of War

13 April 2007

Birds of War exhibition

13 April 2007
This exhibition brings together six artist from Britain and the Middle East. The subject is the Iraq war and the paintings and installations range from the abstract to the overty satirical.

British sailors had been spying on Iran

10 April 2007
The 15 British sailors and Marines captured by the Iranians were involved in gathering intelligence about Iran.

Iraqis unite in Najaf demonstration to demand US out

10 April 2007
Up to a million Iraqis took to the streets of Najaf on Monday to demand an end to the US occupation of their country on the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad.

Black Watch | Fallujah

10 April 2007
Black WatchWritten by Gregory Burke, Directed by John Tiffanynow touring This play about British soldiers from the Black Watch regiment posted to the south of Iraq was a huge critical hit at last year’s Edinburgh Festival.

Arabs ethnically cleansed in Iraq

07 April 2007
The US-backed government in Baghdad has approved the ethnic cleansing of Arabs from the Iraqi city of Kirkuk – which is home to Arabs, Kurds and other ethnic groups.

‘Surge’ kills Iraqi civilians

07 April 2007
The first six weeks of George Bush’s "surge" on Baghdad has greatly increased the number of Iraqi civilian casualties in the Iraqi capital.

Tony Blair knew 655,000 Iraqi deaths report was right

31 March 2007
Its official – the survey that revealed that the occupation of Iraq has claimed over 655,000 Iraqi lives was "robust", despite attempts by George Bush and Tony Blair to rubbish the results.

George Galloway: Resist the war drive against Iran

31 March 2007
The capture by Iranian forces of 15 British sailors in the Gulf brought shrill, bellicose headlines last weekend and calls for retribution.

Figure it out: statistics on Iraq

24 March 2007
An opinion poll commissioned by the BBC this week offers a snapshot of what ordinary Iraqis think about the US-led occupation of their country four years on from the invasion

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