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Iraq war

A new law to hand over Iraqi oil to the multinationals

24 February 2007
The Iraqi parliament is on verge of passing new legislation to restructure the country’s oil industry – effectively handing it over to foreign multinational control, according to a draft copy of the law leaked last weekend.

Iraq poverty survey

24 February 2007
A third of the population of occupied Iraq now live in poverty -many more than prior to the US-led invasion.

Iraq war lies laid bare

17 February 2007
It’s official – the Iraq war was based on lies. The Pentagon last week confirmed that the central premise of the warmongers’ case was a falsehood – the claims by US vice-president Dick Cheney of "coordination" between Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq and Al Qaida.

Another ‘dodgy dossier’ increases pressure on Iran

17 February 2007
Grainy photos of rusty canisters. Damage to a US vehicle after a roadside bomb. Mortar shell case markings in English (rather than in Farsi). A lump of copper embedded in a police car.

March to stop madness of war in Iraq and threats to Iran

17 February 2007
George Bush and Tony Blair have created an inferno in Iraq – one they are stoking by pouring in more troops.

Democrats fail to block Bush

17 February 2007
Having secured a majority in both the US Senate and the House of Representatives, the Democrats have failed to pass even a symbolic bill criticising George Bush’s plans to send an extra 21,500 troops to Baghdad.

‘US presence is the source of violence in Iraq’

10 February 2007
Iraqi anti-war activist Sami Ramadani spoke to Socialist Worker about why Bush’s troop ‘surge’ will not end the daily death toll in Iraq

Unseen wounds of Iraq war

10 February 2007
The violence engulfing Iraq is having a terrible effect on the mental health of ordinary people there, especially children, says a new report released by the Association of Iraqi Psychologists (AIP).

US campaigner Ehren Watada faces jail

10 February 2007
US Army lieutenant Ehren Watada is facing four years in prison for "missing movement and conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman".

Hilary Benn won’t help Iraqis

10 February 2007
Hilary Benn, the government’s international development secretary, likes to pose as a champion of the world’s poor.

US covers up Iraq massacre

10 February 2007
The occupation forces and their Iraqi allies last week claimed they had crushed a doomsday cult outside the Shia holy city of Najaf. This was, they said, the first victory in George Bush’s "surge" against the resistance in Iraq.

Britain sent children to war

10 February 2007
It was revealed last week that during 2003-4 the British army sent fifteen 17-year olds to fight in Iraq.

Bush funds war by slashing healthcare

10 February 2007
George Bush plans to ramp up funding for the military and police while slashing healthcare and welfare, according to budget plans for 2008 announced on Monday of this week.

Bush could end poverty - but instead spends $320 million a day on war

27 January 2007
From the slums of Kenya to the streets of Washington there is disgust at George Bush and Tony Blair's "war on terror".

Bush’s Iraq plan is a desperate gamble

20 January 2007
George Bush’s method when deciding his new Iraq strategy seems to have been to take the report of the Iraq Study Group (ISG) and, where it said minus, replace with a plus.

Bush and Blair’s nightmare vision: a generation doomed to war

20 January 2007
Tony Blair promises us a "generation" of war. Standing on HMS Albion, a naval assault ship, he ranted last week about the need for decades of conflict, and how the British people had to harden themselves for the coming clashes.

US troop ‘surge’ to Iraq is last, desperate gamble

13 January 2007
George Bush’s decision to send more US troops to Iraq means still more death, devastation and misery for its people.

Bush orders more carnage

13 January 2007
Tens of thousands more US soldiers are set to land in Iraq. George Bush promises a "surge" in troops to secure a "final victory".

US war strategy is caught between a rock and a hard place

06 January 2007
The imperial project in the Middle East is damaged but not destroyed. It is damaged in part because of the successive blows that have rained down on it from the Iraqi, Afghan, Palestinian and Lebanese resistance since 2002.

A victory for the right to protest

16 December 2006
Demonstrators against the Iraq war, who were detained during a protest in 2003, have won a legal victory against the police's action.

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