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Iraq war

10 reasons why the war in Iraq is wrong

23 March 2003
A poster to put up at work

Anti-war protests sweep the world

23 March 2003
San Francisco, Rome, Buenos Aires, Vienna, London, Sydney, Dhaka, Brussels, Madrid, Athens, Seoul, Tokyo, Mexico City, Edinburgh... and hundreds more

Mass action can stop the barbarism

23 March 2003
News reports treat the war like a video game. But anti-war protesters are organising and refuse to be silent

Anger erupted across Britain as the attack on Iraq began

23 March 2003
On the day that war broke out towns, cities and even villages across Britain were brought to a standstill by militant anti-war protests

Delegates at People's Assembly for Peace call for action to stop war

22 March 2003
Over 1,500 delegates packed into an inspiring "People's Assembly for Peace" in Westminster Central Hall last week. It centred around unprecedented demands about what to do when the war starts. Delegates called for a campaign of mass civil disobedience, strikes and direct action to stop the war.

Birth of a new movement

01 March 2003
WHAT WE saw on 15 February was incredible. It was not just the demonstrations in Britain - it was the protests right around the world. The Financial Times said they were the biggest demonstrations since the Vietnam War. In fact, there was nothing coordinated on this scale during Vietnam.

Tariq Ali: 'Our marches have had a big impact'

01 March 2003
Tariq Ali, writer and broadcaster, has been an anti-war activist since the 1960s

What would you do to free the Iraqis?

01 March 2003
War is the only way to remove Iraq's brutal dictator, says Tony Blair. His claim is echoed by commentators such as David Aaronovitch, Christopher Hitchens and Nick Cohen. Blair puts to one side the fact that the West hoisted the brutal Iraqi dictator into power.

Political speeches got loudest cheers

22 February 2003
Hyde Park was filled with people as far as the eye could see listening to speech after speech attacking Bush and Blair's drive to war. Hundreds of thousands of people stood in the freezing cold for four hours intently listening to the speakers at the rally.

Two million march against war in Iraq

22 February 2003
It was the biggest march in British history, and that's official. Only once before have such numbers been on the streets - back in 1945 when millions partied to celebrate the end of the Second World War. Last Saturday up to two million marched in London to protest against another war.

The day the world said no to war on Iraq

22 February 2003
It was the day the world said no to Bush's war. Demonstrations took place in over 600 cities and towns. The numbers of demonstrators far surpassed the most optimistic forecasts of ten million. In some countries people marched in their millions or hundreds of thousands.

Voices from the world's biggest global anti-war protest

22 February 2003
Turkey | Luxembourg | Ireland | Australia | Austria | Czech Republic | Malaysia | New Zealand | Switzerland | Malta | Poland | Cyprus | Norway | Germany

Kurdish refugee 'I fled Saddam Hussein's Iraq...'

08 February 2003
Helen Shooter went to Salford in Manchester to talk to refugees and find out what their lives are really like.

Seize the chance to make history

01 February 2003
What happens in Britain in the next few weeks will shape history. Everyone in the anti-war movement can be part of making that history. The clock is ticking relentlessly towards war. On Monday chief United Nations weapons inspector Hans Blix reported that his team had found no evidence of any Iraqi "weapons of mass destruction". We cannot trust the UN to block the war.

'People are mobilising in every area of our city'

01 February 2003
Anti-war activists were out in force across the Greater Manchester area last Saturday to organise opposition to the war and a huge presence at the anti-war march on 15 February.

How can we stop the war?

25 January 2003
Chris Harman argues for mass protests and mass action

'Now the anti-war majority is on the march. Build the 15 Feb protest'

18 January 2003
The Stop the War Coalition conference in London last Saturday was a huge success. It was a historic gathering, reflecting the mushrooming anti-war movement right across Britain. "The anti-war majority is on the march and determined to win," said Labour MP George Galloway, giving one of the day's keynote speeches.

Sign up now to stop their war

23 March 2002
"We protested against the war in Afghanistan, but we could not stop it happening. This time we have a chance to stop it, and to create a big crisis for Blair."

What is the truth on Iraq's weapons?

16 March 2002
The US government is unleashing a flood of lies to pave the way for attacks on Iraq. We are told that Iraq threatens the world with weapons of mass destruction. But a US State Department official revealed four weeks ago that the US wants war even if Iraq allows weapons inspectors in. He said of discussions between Iraq and United Nations officials over inspections, "We will not take yes for an answer."

Hundreds pack into meetings on campus

16 March 2002
Two hundred medical students turned up to a meeting last week to hear George Galloway MP speak out over the war drive against Iraq. It was the first political meeting for years on a site of University College London where medical students at Guy's Hospital, south London, have lectures.

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