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Greece: a new wave of fightback

24 January 2012
Workers in Greece’s Attica region, which includes Athens, are fighting austerity. Their strike last week was in solidarity with people losing their jobs and facing unpaid and cut wages.

Athens rocked by solidarity strike

17 January 2012
There’s no media or transport in Attica today because workers are on strike.

A Greek worker's message to us: United we can beat austerity

15 November 2011
I am a printer in Athens. For the past 20 years, our union hasn’t been that active. But the scale of the crisis has forced it to take action and become more militant.

My life in austerity Greece

25 October 2011
Amalia is a 31-year-old living in Athens, Greece.

Athens resistance sparks elite crisis

21 June 2011
There are moments when the fundamental conflict defining capitalist society becomes visible for all to see. Athens on Wednesday of last week was one of them.

Voices from the Greek strikes and protests

21 June 2011
‘It looked like a war zone’ Jess Hurd, in Athens

Quotes from the week's news

21 June 2011
‘The reform fatigue is visible in the streets of Athens, Madrid and elsewhere’

Greek socialists take on a fascist in the council chamber

25 January 2011
Socialists in Greece are leading the fight against the government’s austerity programme and attempts to blame immigrants for the crisis. As part of this racist scapegoating, fascists had taken over parts of the Agios Panteleimonos area of Athens and attacked immigrants.

Acropolis occupied in Greek protests over cuts

19 October 2010
Protests rocked Athens on Thursday of last week, as Greek workers and students continued their fight against cuts.

Greek strike and protests rock the government

06 May 2010
Wednesday’s general strike against austerity in Greece shut the country down and saw huge protests in every town and city. Panos Garganas, the editor of the Workers Solidarity newspaper in Greece, told Socialist Worker how the attempt to use the tragic deaths of three bank workers in a fire in Athens to quieten the movement has not succeeded

Greek bank worker speaks out after Athens fire deaths

06 May 2010
A Marfin bank worker has issued this statement following the death of three colleagues in a fire on Wednesday at the bank in Athens

Greece: ‘They took our jobs–now we’ve taken their office’

16 March 2010
On the eve of Greece’s third general strike last week, Panepistimiou Street in Athens was packed with several hundred people, huddled around lit braziers.

General strike shuts down Greece

24 February 2010
The usually bustling pavements of central Athens are almost deserted today.

Greece: anti-racist march another sign of the anger

21 December 2008
Over 2,000 people took to the streets of Athens on Saturday 20 December against the Greek state’s attacks on migrants. The march was a sign of the deepening anger in the country against the right wing New Democracy government.

Voices from the Greek struggle

15 December 2008
Yiannis Theoharis Yiannis Theoharis is a member of the steering committee of the union of workers of the Intracom telecoms company in Athens

1973: the student uprising that drove out the colonels in Greece

15 December 2008
One of the high points of resistance in Greece is the Athens Polytechnic uprising of 1973, which helped to sweep away the right wing dictatorship that ruled the country.

Greek mass movement rises up against the state

09 December 2008
The furious response to the police killing of a 15 year old boy in Athens last Saturday has seen mass protests, strikes and student walkouts rock Greece's right wing government.

50,000 Greek students protest in Athens

03 March 2007
Around 50,000 students took to the streets of Athens, Greece, on Thursday of last week against the right wing government’s plans to introduce new managers into universities. A huge movement of strikes and occupations has stopped the government changing the constitution to allow private universities, so the government plans to introduce changes by stealth. More demonstrations were planned for Thursday of this week.

Greek teachers fight on into sixth week of strike

28 October 2006
Greek primary school teachers protested in Athens last week and began their sixth week on strike this Monday. They are fighting for better pay and for a decent education service. The strike is piling pressure on the Tory government, and linking up with other struggles against its plans for education. Secondary school teachers are striking for three days a week, other unions have taken action so their members could join teachers’ protests, and several universities have been occupied against privatisation plans. A mass rally was set for Athens this week after unions rejected government concessions.

Greek primary school teachers' strike

14 October 2006
Around 50,000 primary school teachers and their supporters marched in Athens, Greece last week as part of the teachers’ all-out strike over pay. The four week strike has rocked the Tory government. The pressure against the right was intensified after the death of postal workers’ official Manolis Gourniezakis when he tried to stop right wing thugs tampering with a union ballot box

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